Dargar Thunderhammer

Wandering Highforge dwarf


Level: 5 XP: 26, 089/32,000

Dwarf Male, 144lbs, 4’3" brown curly hair & long beard
Armoured in adamantium chainmail, and a shield, armed with a wicked looking battle axe, he is often dressed in Leather apron, boots and gauntlets

Demeanour: Over achiever, who hates not talking eye to eye, because he has a ‘small-man’ complex; loyal and true.

Str: 16 + 1 Dam, Wgt allow: 70lbs, Max press:195 lbs, Open doors:9/20, BB/LG:10%
Int: 14 +4 languages/NWP
Wis: 10
Dex: 13
Con: 17 + 3 HP per die, +4 vs poison and magic. 20% fail of some magic items
Cha: 13 +1 Reaction Adj

Mv 8, Base Thac0: 16, HP: 57 AL: LG
AC: 0 (-1 if passes proficiency in Armour optimisation)

Proficiencies W/NW: 5/8
Weapon Proficiencies: Battle Axe ( Skilled ), Crossbow (light), Cleaving/Crushing Weapons Broad Weapon Group ,
Nonweapon Proficiencies: Armour Optimisation (11), Blacksmithing (16), Endurance(17), Geology(14), Metalworking(13), Smelting(14),
Languages: Traladaran, Thyatian, Dengar, Gnomish

Saving throws:
PPDM: 11, RSW: 13, PP:12, BW: 13, Sp:14,
+4 vs poison or magic

Weapon THAC0 Spd dmg SM/L Range #ATT Notes
Wicked Battle Axe 14 6 1d8+4/ 1d8+4 Melee 3/2 Skilled
Haggak’s Maul 15 10 2d6+2/2d8+2 Melee 3/2 Two Handed
Vintar’s Hand Axe 16 4 1d6+1 1d4+1 M/10/20/30
Silver Dagger 18 6 1d4/1d3 1/2/3 1 or 2

Taxes paid of incomes made before 12th Vatermont


Chaos Horde Chainmail +3 30 lbs
Wendl’s Shield +1 10 lbs
Haggak’s Maul 10 lbs
Vintar’s Handaxe 5lbs
Wicked Battle Axe 7 lbs
Boots of Levitation 2lbs
Backpack 2 lbs
Gland of a fire beetle obtained Vatermont 11 1/2 lb
Letter from Khorghul
Lantern 2 lbs
3 Flasks of oil 3 lbs
Pouch w/ 10 Royals, 10 Cronas in it 3 lbs
Leather sack made from a treasure map 1 lb
Inside sack: 1×1000gpv, 3×500gpv, 17x 100gpv, 3x 50gpv gems, 30gp, 2 lbs
Total Weight 77.5lbs

Lightly Encumbered. Move 8.

Light riding horse, THAC0: 19, #ATT:1, 1-3, (Move 24: 0-180 lbs, Move 16: 181-270 lbs, Move 8: 271-360lbs)

Saddle 35 lbs
Small tent 10 lbs
Bedroll 4 lbs
Total Burden 260 lbs

Horse Speed: 16

image.jpeg Chaos Horde Chainmail: This suit of armour is heavily enchanted and presumably made for some sort of ancient king. It was taken off the body of the chief of the Chaos horde, Rhuum. The Armour functions as magical chainmail +3
Ebonybattleaxe.png The Wicked Battle Axe, is a large jagged battle axe (+1) taken from the leader of the bugbears inhabiting Leptar’s Fist
image.png Haggak’s Maul, taken from that bugbear sub-chief of the Chaos Horde is a +1 magical Maul, Dealing 2d6 damage to medium sized and 2d8 vs large sized creatures, it has a weapon-speed of 10, and requires a size of medium and Strength of 16 to wield.
78cfbd31ed3e8d6a086560d88ee8a739.jpg Boots of Levitation: These boots were taken from the corpse of the Gnoll chieftain in the Caves of Chaos. Boots of levitation enable the wearer to ascend or descend vertically, at will. The speed of ascent/descent is 20 feet per round, with no limitation on duration. The amount of weight the boots can levitate is yet to be determined. Dargar can use this item
Wendl_s_Shield.jpg Wendl’s Shield + 1 This shield is a round shield about 2 feet across, painted black, and is light and sturdy. It was formerly in the possession of Wendl Ioldanner, High Priest of Orcus in the caves of chaos, who relinquished it to his new friends.

The treasure map found on the inside of a leather sack has been interpreted and carries annotations in Thyatian made by Vintar Swiftblade.

Special Skills:
Infravision 60’, +1 vs Humanoids(O, 1/2O, G, HG), +4 vs large ogrekin, +4 vs magic and poison.

Detect new passages and sliding walls

Armour Optimisation:
Each combat, on proficieincy roll = -1 AC. Stops if not attacked for 4 rounds

A character with blacksmithing proficiency is capable of making tools and implements from iron. Use of the proficiency requires a forge with a coal-fed fire and bellows, as well as a hammer and anvil. The character cannot make armor or most weapons, but can craft crowbars, grappling hooks, horseshoes, nails, hinges, plows, and most other iron objects.

A character with endurance proficiency is able to perform continual strenuous physical activity for twice as long as a normal character before becoming subject to the effects of fatigue and exhaustion. In those cases where extreme endurance is required, a successful proficiency check must be made. Note that this proficiency does not enable a character to extend the length of time that he can remain unaffected by a lack of food or water.

A character with this proficiency, is able to identify different types of rocks and minerals, including precious metals and gems. Though he cannot accurately appraise the value of such items, he can differentiate between ornamental, semiprecious, and precious stones, and can make an educated guess at the purity of any vein of precious metal. He is also familiar with underground formations and functions of the natural world related to this science, such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, and the processes involved in the creation of the various rocks and minerals. There are few dwarves who are not familiar with the basics of geology, and it is also a favorite with gnomes, especially deep gnomes. This skill adds a +2 bonus to all mining skill checks.

Characters with this proficiency can work artistically in silver, copper, gold, tin, brass, and other soft metals. They produce the beautiful and useful metal items common to any bazaar: oil lamps, coffee pots, vases, trays, and the like. A successful proficiency check results in a useful item of high quality. Failure may indicate that a craftsman has fashioned something ugly and unsuited for sale. More often (and for PCs), failure means that an item still looks pleasing, but is somehow flawed or fragile, and fails when put to the test. (For example, the pot leaks, a handle breaks, and so forth.)
Characters with an artistic ability proficiency that relates to metalworking gain a +1 bonus. While metalworking does allow characters to fashion iron or steel with some deftness, it does not grant them the ability to make effective weapons or armor. Metalworkers may attempt to repair nonmagical armor that’s made of metal, but a failed proficiency check results in the destruction of the armor. (Characters seeking armor repair should visit a metalworker only as a last resort; armorers are far better suited to the task.)

The smelting proficiency is closely tied to the Mining proficiency. Between them they provide all of the metal to the strongholds. With this proficiency a smelter can be operated. See Chapter 9 of the Complete Book of Dwarves.


Birthplace: Highforge DOB: 18 Thaumont 951 (49yo)
Dargar was brought up with the traditional Dwarven culture and work ethic, but tended to be distracted by the gnomes in the community and the trade with outsiders.

His training was in metallurgy, and has a basic understanding, but started falling behind his peers because he spent too much time practicing weapons training.

Eventually his master has asked him to return when he has the wanderlust “out of his system”.

His proudest moment as an adventurer was the rescue of Gareth Ironhand, a fellow Stronghollow clansdwarf from Highforge.

Dargar Thunderhammer

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