Emily Rogueshot

Halfling adventurer thief


Adventurer Thief
Level: 7, XP: 43, 153/70,000

Race: Halfling
3’0", 58lbs, brown, shoulder length hair, armoured in leather, armed with short sword and sling, dagger

Business like, non-descript, individualist, deferential. She is avaricious, dedicated and always working the angle.

Str: 12 Wgt Alll:45 lbs, Max Press:140 lbs, Open Doors:7/20, BB/LG:4%
Int: 14 +4 Lang/NWP
Wis: 12
Dex: 17 Att adj : +2, Def Adj -3 1 with Fumbler’s Ring
Con: 16 +2 HP per die, poison and spell bonus +4
Cha 12

Base Movement 6, Mve: 6 #Att: 1, Base Thac0: 18, AC: 5, HP: 38, AL: N

Proficiencies W/NW: 3/7
Weapon Proficiencies: Shortsword, Sling, Dagger
Nonweapon Proficiencies: Bargain (10), Danger Sense (11), Jumping(12), Looting(16); Rope Use(16), Tightrope walking(16), Tumbling (16)
Languages: Traladaran, Thyatian, Thieves’ Cant

Weapon THAC0 Spd dmg SM/L Range #ATT Notes
Adamantium Shortsword 18 2 1d6+1/1d8+1 Melee 1
Dagger 17 2 1d4/1d3 Melee 1
Sling 14 6 1
Sling bullet 1d4+1/1d6+1 5/10/20
Sling stone 1d4/1d6 4/8/16

Saving throws:
PPDM: 12 (8 for poison/magic), RSW: 12 (8 if magical), PP: 11, BW: 15, Sp: 13 (9 if magical),

Taxes paid of incomes made before 12th Vatermont


Leather armour 7.5 lbs
Adamantium Shordsword 3 lbs
Shadow-Link Cloak 1 lb
Fumbler’s Ring
Mask of the Hunter 1/2 lb
Amulet of Protection vs Good (hidden in bra)
Flashstone 1/2 lb
Sling and 42 bullets 5 lbs
Dagger 1 lb
Grapnel and 50 foot of silk rope 12 lbs
Belt hiding 10x 100gpv gems 1lb
700gpv Jewelled Bracelet (tucked in boot) 0.5lbs
800gpv Jewelled Necklace (under armour)
Pouch with 9 Gold royals 1/2 lb
Backpack 2 lbs
Gland of a fire beetle obtained Vatermont 11 1/2 lb
Wooden Scroll case containing a pre-paid tax certificate for 500gpv
Bloodstone necklace 500gpv sewn into pack
Thiefs tools 1 lb
2 flasks of oil 2 lbs
Sack 1/2 lb
Small sack 1/4 lb
Jade ring 500gpv
Gold ring containing a big black Diamond worth 1,400gpv
Total Weight 44.5 lbs
Adamantium_shortsword.jpg Adamantium Shortsword: Reputedly crafted by hobgoblins of the Steelwarriors tribe this is a well crafted blade alloyed from intrinsically magical ore. Emily swapped this weapon with Vintar Swiftblade for a magical shortsword she had recently aquired. Unfortunately shortly after Vintar died due to a pit trap in Leptar’s Fist. The weapon holds no specific enchantment but is inherantly magical due to the ore used in its contruction, otherwise is a Shortsword +1.
large_MAGICRING213.jpg Fumbler’s Ring: Aquired from Horrack Elfslayer’s hoarde in Leptar’s Fist this ring looks like it is just a highly polished and unblemished silver ring. The wearer of the ring will receive a +1 to dexterity for as long as the ring is worn
Shadowlink_Cloak.png Shadow-link Cloak: The user of this cloak can blend into, and travel from shadow to shadow, with absolute silence, making leaps of up to 30’. It is even possible to merge with any creatures’ shadow, and move along with them completely unnoticed. The user appears to be nothing but a shadowy form with little substance. The duration of the effect is 2d3+2 rounds, and the effect is usable once per week. 

Mask_of_the_Hunter.jpg Mask of the Hunter: This leather mask, taken from the hoard a wight in the Shrine of Evil Chaos is shaped to look like a wolf’s face. A wearer of the mask experiences an improved sense of smell and whilst worn, this heightened awareness grants the use of the Tracking proficiency but with +3 to the standard rolls (i.e. +3 if a ranger -3 if not a ranger, adding or subtracting environmental considerations). As a consequence of this, the wearer suffers a -4 save vs any olfactory or gaseous effects.
image.png Flashstone A flashstone is an alchemical invention — a small stone coated in chemicals that result in a blinding flare of light when set off by a powerful impact. A flashstone can be thrown as a grenade-like weapon. When it strikes a hard surface, it creates a brilliant burst of light. Creatures within a 10-foot radius must make a save vs petrification or be blinded. In addition to the obvious effects, a blinded creature suffers a – 4 to hit in combat, loses any Dexterity bonus to AC, moves at half speed, and suffers a +4 penalty on most Strength- and Dexterity-based skill checks. Further, anyone attacking a blinded character gets a +2 to his attack roll. An opponent who is prepared for this attack can shield itself from its effects by covering its eyes or looking away; however, whilst awaiting the effects the opponent is effectively blind for as long as it shields its eyes. Whilst the device is single use, it can be repaired for later re-use by an alchemist, artificier or chemist.
Small chest 3 lbs
Lantern 2 lbs

Mounted weight: 96 lbs

Pony, THAC0: 19, #ATT:1, 1-3, (Move 12: 0-160 lbs, Move 16: 161-240 lbs, Move 8: 241-320lbs)

Saddle 25 lbs
Bedroll 4 lbs
Small Tent 10 lbs
Total Burden 234.5 lbs

Pony Movement: 16

Thief Skills:
PP: 45%, OL: 90%, FRT: 70%, MS: 70%, HIS: 85%, DN: 20%, CW: 60%

A character with the bargain proficiency can haggle over cash, service, and barter transactions to capture a better deal. In a cash transaction, a successful check allows the character to purchase an item for 10% less or sell one for 10% more than the going rate. In a simple barter transaction, a successful check improves the perceived value of the bargainer’s goods by 10%. In protracted barter, a successful check allows the bargainer to roll 3d6 instead of 2d6 for that round of barter; a separate check initiates every round. In a service transaction, a successful check provides the bargainer 10% more than the going rate for his services. The DM should require players to roleplay the bargaining session to gain the benefits of this proficiency.

Danger Sense:
This proficiency provides a humanoid character with a sixth sense which warns of impending danger. On a successful check, the character avoids a trap at the last second or realizes that opponents wait to ambush him due to a sudden warning tingle that cannot be ignored. Characters who make successful checks spot traps before blundering into them and receive initiative against hidden opponents.
The DM should make danger sense checks in secret. If the character succeeds, he is only surprised on a roll of 1 by a sneak attack and treats any rear attacks as flank attacks instead. The DM can modify the proficiency check if the character is taking extra precautions or if the attacker would be particularly hard to notice before striking.This proficiency does not work against opponents who are out in the open and making no attempt to hide their actions. Failure indicates that the character senses nothing out of the ordinary and play continues normally.

The character can attempt exceptional leaps both vertically and horizontally. If the character has at least a 20-foot running start, he can leap (broad jump) 2d6+his level in feet. No character can broad jump more than six times his height, however. With the same start, he can leap vertically (high jump) 1d3 plus half his level in feet. No character can high jump more than 1-½ times his own height.
From a standing start, a character with this proficiency can broad jump 1d6 plus half his level in feet and high jump only three feet.
The character can also attempt vaults using a pole. A vault requires at least a 30-foot running start. If a pole is used, it must be four to 10 feet longer than the character’s height. The vault spans a distance equal to 1-½ times the length of the pole. The character can clear heights equal to the height of the pole. He can also choose to land on his feet if the vault carries him over an obstacle no higher than ½ the height of his pole. Thus, using a 12-foot pole, the character could either vault through a window 12 feet off the ground (tumbling into the room beyond), land on his feet in an opening six feet off the ground, or vault across a moat 18 feet wide. In all cases, the pole is dropped at the end of the vault.

This proficiency represents a knack for grabbing the best loot in the shortest amount of time. A successful proficiency check allows a character to recognize and grab the most valuable combination of items that is feasible, given the situational limits of time and space.

Rope Use:
This proficiency enables a character to accomplish amazing feats with rope. A character with rope use proficiency is familiar with all sorts of knots and can tie knots that slip, hold tightly, slide slowly, or loosen with a quick tug. If the character’s hands are bound and held with a knot, he can roll a proficiency check (with a -6 penalty) to escape the bonds.
This character gains a +2 bonus to all attacks made with a lasso. The character also receives a +10% bonus to all climbing checks made while he is using a rope, including attempts to belay (secure the end of a climbing rope) companions.

Tightrope Walking:
The character can attempt to walk narrow ropes or beams with greater than normal chances of success. He can negotiate any narrow surface not angled up or down greater than 45 degrees. Each round the character can walk 60 feet. One proficiency check is made every 60 feet (or part thereof), with failure indicating a fall. The check is made with a -10 penalty to the ability score if the surface is one inch or less in width (a rope), a -5 penalty if two inches to six inches wide, and unmodified if seven inches to 12 inches wide. Wider than one foot requires no check for proficient characters under normal circumstances. Every additional proficiency spent on tightrope walking reduces these penalties by 1. Use of a balancing rod reduces the penalties by 2. Winds or vibrations in the line increases the penalties by 2 to 6.
The character can attempt to fight while on a tightrope, but he suffers a -5 penalty to his attack roll and must roll a successful proficiency check at the beginning of each round to avoid falling off. Since the character cannot maneuver, he gains no adjustments to his Armor Class for Dexterity. If he is struck while on the rope, he must roll an immediate proficiency check to retain his balance.

The character is practiced in all manner of acrobatics—dives, rolls, somersaults, handstands, flips, etc. Tumbling can only be performed while burdened with light encumbrance or less. Aside from entertaining, the character with tumbling proficiency can improve his Armor Class by 4 against attacks directed solely at him in any round of combat, provided he has the initiative and foregoes all attacks that round. When in unarmed combat he can improve his attack roll by 2.
On a successful proficiency check, he suffers only one-half the normal damage from falls of 60 feet or less and none from falls of 10 feet or less. Falls from greater heights result in normal damage.


Birthplace: Fort Doom, but grew up in Penhaligon
DOB: 4 Yarthmont 956 (44yoa)
As far as Emily is concerned, the business of being a rogue is just that: a business. Her family name came from an ancestor who got too flashy with his expertise and brought the authorities down on his little operation. Keep a low profile and everything works out fine, Emily says. For a halfling, a low profile comes with the territory.

Emily’s family has its roots in the Black Eagle Barony. The Rogueshots were scattered to the four winds years ago when the Black Eagle Baron took command of that region. Emily herself grew up in Penhaligon, working with small groups of like-minded individuals. She has never joined one of the larger, human dominated thieves’ guilds, and she prefers her “outsider” status.

Emily Rogueshot

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