Gareth Ironhand

Reserved Stronghollow smith


Gareth Ironhand, Smith cum Investigator,
Level 5 Dwarven warrior
XP: 18,331/32,000
Stronghollow clan.
Gareth’s hair is Jet black, He weighs 149lbs, and is 4’3" tall.

When the party found him, Gareth was a very dirty looking dwarf, covered in soot and grime and lugging a ball and chain attached to his right ankle. He is now clean and dressed in a Leather apron over Plate Mail. He carries a large mace and an ornate hand axe. His beard and hair are trimmed and the hair platted neatly into braids down his back. He still looks underfed, having spent more than a year forging weapons whilst the bugbear and hobgoblins kept him alive.

Str: 18 ( Normally 13) Wgt Allow: 110lbs, Max Press: 225 lbs, Doors: 11/20, BB/LG:16%
Int: 18 +7 NWP/Languages
Wis: 9
Dex: 12
Con: 16 +2 HP/Die, +4 save vs spells and poison
Cha: 8 -1 Loyalty Adj

HP: 49, Base THAC0:16, AC: 4,
Number of Attacks: 2: Wendl’s Mace, Trophy Hand Axe.

Saves: PPD : 11, RSW :13, PP:12, BW:13, Sp:14
+4 saves vs magic and poison

Weapon Proficiencies:
Ambidextrous, Two Weapon Style Specialisation, Cleaving/Crushing Broad weapon group

Nonweapon Proficiencies:
Armoury (16), Blacksmithing (18), Information Gathering(18), Metalworking (11), Weaponsmithing (15),

Dwarf, Gnome, “Splintered Shield” Hobgoblin, Thyatian, Traladaran

Weapon THAC0 Spd dmg SM/L Range #ATT Notes
Trophy Hand Axe 14 4 1d6+3/1d4+3 M/10/20/30 1 Non-magical is -1/-1 wrt this
Wendl’s Mace 14 6 1d6+4/1d6+3 Melee 1

Taxes paid of incomes made before 12th Vatermont


Adamantium Chainmail 30 lbs
Leather Apron 1 lb
Worker wear
Ogrillon’s Gauntlets
Wendl’s Mace +1 10 lbs
Trophy Hand Axe +1 5 lbs
Hand Axe for throwing 5 lbs
Backpack 2 lbs
Pouch with 15pp and 47gp 4lbs
Gland of a fire beetle obtained Vatermont 11 1/2 lb
One sack containing 1×1000gpv, 3x 500gpv, 1x 100gpv gems 1/2 lb
Water flask 2 lbs
Rations 2 lbs
Total 62 lbs

Mounted weight: 226.5 lbs

Light riding horse, THAC0: 19, #ATT:1, 1-3, (Move 24: 0-180 lbs, Move 16: 181-270 lbs, Move 8: 271-360lbs)

Saddle 35 lbs
Forge Hammer 10lbs
Forge tools 8lbs
Small Tent 10 lbs
Bedroll 4 lbs
Total Burden 293.5 lbs

Horse Movement: 8

image.jpeg Adamantium Chainmail: This shiny suit of mail is constructed of an alloy which is light, yet intrinsically tough and magical. Reputedly made by hobgoblin smiths of the Steelwarriors tribe, this armour is light and well crafted. It functions as magical chainmail +1
image.jpeg Ogrillon Gauntlets: These lobstered gauntlets were found with the hoarde of Horrack Elfslayer. These gloves imbue the wearer with 18 strength in his or her hands, arms, and shoulders. When striking with the hand or with a weapon hurled or held, the gauntlets add +1 to hit probability and +2 to damage inflicted when a hit is made. They enlarge or shrink to fit human to halfling-sized hands.
Wendl_s_Mace.png Wendl’s Mace +1: The mace of the previous high priest of the Temple of Evil Chaos, this mace was obtained in trade from the charmed Wendl. Unfortunately the party betrayed their new friend by turning him over the authorities.
image.png The Trophy Hand Axe is a +1 magical hand-axe previously displayed prominantly in the chambers of Haggak the bugbear subchief of the Chaos Horde

This character can make all of the types of armor listed in the Player’s Handbook, given the proper materials and facilities. When making armor, the proficiency check is rolled at the end of the normal construction time.
The time required to make armor is equal to two weeks per level of AC below 10. For example, a shield would require two weeks of work, whereas a suit of full plate armor would require 18 weeks of work.
If the proficiency check indicates failure but is within 4 of the amount needed for success, the armorer has created usable, but flawed, armor. Such armor functions as 1 AC worse than usual, although it looks like the armor it was intended to be. Only a character with armorer proficiency can detect the flaws, and this requires careful and detailed inspection.
If the flawed armor is struck in melee combat with a natural die roll of 19 or 20, it breaks. The character’s AC immediately worsens by 4 additional classes (although never above 10), and the broken armor hampers the character’s movement. Until the character can remove the broken armor (a process requiring 1d4 rounds), the character moves at ½ of his normal rate and suffers a -4 penalty to all of his attack rolls.
If an armorer is creating a suit of field plate or full plate armor, the character who will use the armor must be present at least once a week during the creation of the armor, since such types of armor require very exact fitting.
Dwarves are more adept at making armor than other races. Their armorers are the finest in any world and their special skills are carefully hidden from outsiders. They are capable of producing high quality armor very quickly. Instead of 2 weeks per level of AC below 10, a dwarf armorer requires only 12 days per point of AC below 10.

A character with blacksmithing proficiency is capable of making tools and implements from iron. Use of the proficiency requires a forge with a coal-fed fire and bellows, as well as a hammer and anvil. The character cannot make armor or most weapons, but can craft crowbars, grappling hooks, horseshoes, nails, hinges, plows, and most other iron objects.

Information Gathering:
Through the use of this proficiency, a humanoid character can gain information about a specific person, place or thing. In appropriate circumstances, a character will be aware of major rumors circulating around a roguish or humanoid area. With a successful check, specific information can be gleaned.
The following modifiers adjust the check: Characters’ reaction adjustments (based on Charisma) will benefit or penalize the roll, assuming contact with intelligent beings is involved in the search.
Thieves’ guild members receive a +2 bonus as they have the resources of the entire guild at their disposal. Similarly, outside of towns and cities, certain humanoid characters may receive the same bonus if they have similar contacts (satyrs and swanmays have woodland creatures, a goblin may be able to get information from a goblin tribe, etc.).
When outside friendly territory, specific information suffers at least a -3 penalty.
Money or treasure is required. Any time a proficiency check is required to gather information, the character must make a small investment of money or treasure or suffer an additional penalty of -3. Humans prefer money, and a total of 1d10 gp is typical. Other races may want some other type of treasure (food, magical item, shiny trinket, etc). The investment is lost whether or not the desired information is found.

Characters with this proficiency can work artistically in silver, copper, gold, tin, brass, and other soft metals. They produce the beautiful and useful metal items common to any bazaar: oil lamps, coffee pots, vases, trays, and the like. A successful proficiency check results in a useful item of high quality. Failure may indicate that a craftsman has fashioned something ugly and unsuited for sale. More often (and for PCs), failure means that an item still looks pleasing, but is somehow flawed or fragile, and fails when put to the test. (For example, the pot leaks, a handle breaks, and so forth.)
Characters with an artistic ability proficiency that relates to metalworking gain a +1 bonus. While metalworking does allow characters to fashion iron or steel with some deftness, it does not grant them the ability to make effective weapons or armor. Metalworkers may attempt to repair nonmagical armor that’s made of metal, but a failed proficiency check results in the destruction of the armor. (Characters seeking armor repair should visit a metalworker only as a last resort; armorers are far better suited to the task.)

This highly specialized proficiency enables a character to perform the difficult and highly exacting work involved in making metal weapons, particularly those with blades. The character blends some of the skill of the blacksmith with an ability to create blades of strength and sharpness. A fully equipped smithy is necessary to use this proficiency.
The time and cost to make various types of weapons are listed on Table 41 of the PHB


Gareth Ironhand

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