Helga Fjarlasdottir

Noble northerner warrior


Errant Warrioress
Level: 6, XP: 43,446/64,000

Race: Human, Height: 5’ 10" Weight: 167 lb Light brown hair, braided
AC: 3 (Plate mail)

Religion: Freyja (devout) Alignment: Chaotic Good

Str: 16 + 1 dmg, Weight allowance 70 lbs, Max press 195, Open doors 9/20, Bend Bars 10%
Int: 13
Wis: 17 +3 magical defense adj
Dex: 10
Con: 13 System Shock 85%, Res Survival 90%
Cha: 12

Mv: 9, AC: 2, HP: 51, Base Thac0: 15,

Has a nasty red rat bite under a poultice. Seems to be steadily healing. At this rate it could take one month to heal. (Ratbite occurred 15 Numont)

PPDM:11, RSW:13, PP:12, BW:13, Sp:14, + 3 vs mind attacking spells

Weapon Proficiencies: Group Proficiency in Long Blades, Bastard sword (Skilled), Long bow (Skilled: + 1 attack, pb 30’ + 2 dmg, shoot at start of round, 5/2 attacks), Dagger.

Nonweapon Proficiencies: (7) Riding (land based), Northman, Thyatian, Animal Handling, Heraldry, Armour proficiency (platemail), + 2 remaining.

Weapon THAC0 Spd dmg SM/L Range #ATT Notes
Bastard sword 1 hand 14 6 1d8 + 3/ 1d12 + 3 Melee 3/2 Skilled
Bastard sword 2 hand 14 6 2d4 + 3/2d8 + 3 Melee 3/2 Skilled
Longsword “Rustproof” 13 5 1d8 + 4/1d12 + 4 Melee 3/2 Strikes as magical, sharp (+ 1 dmg)
Kizzkh’s Scimitar 13 4 1d8+3/1d8+3 Melee 1
Massacre Long bow 13 6 PB=30’ 5/2 Skilled
- Flight Arrow 1d6 + (1/3) / 1d6 +(1/ 3) 7/14/21 Silver arrows – 1 dmg
- Sheaf Arrow 1d8 + (2/4) / 1d8 +(2/4) 5/10/17

Taxes paid of incomes made before 12th Vatermont


Wendl’s Plate mail +1 25(50) lbs
Longsword “Rustproof” 4 lbs
Kizzkh’s Scimitar 4lbs
Bastard sword 10 lbs
Massacre Long bow +1 3lbs
Jug of Purification 1/2 lb
2 Quivers (50 Arrows) 11x flight, 10x silver flight, 2x sheaf 2.5 lbs
Red fletched +2 Arrow
Small Belt pouch with 20 pp, 39gp 1 lb
Water skin 1 lb
50’ Silk rope 8 lbs
Riding Boots *
Pants *
Shirt *
Backpack 2 lbs
Gland of a fire beetle obtained 11 Vatermont 1/2 lb
3 flasks holy water 1.5 lbs
Dry rations x 2 2 lbs
Torch x 1 1 lb
Flint and steel *
Bedroll 3 lbs
Small metal mirror *
Chalk *
Holy item (Pegasus) *
Small pouch with 1×1000gpv, 1x 500gpv, 6×100gpv, and 3×50gpv gems, 1x 600gpv bracelet, 2x 150gpv earrings, Large Gemstone on gold chain 1,200gpv 1lb
Paper x 3 *
Silk Dress
Total Carried 41 lbs

Movement 9 afoot (Plate)

3d9052d1e8e28f0d6e0759db7456aaf8.jpg “Rustproof” Longsword, taken from hobgoblins by the lake on Leptar’s Fist. Longsword + 1 / + 1 from sharpness(only). Can hit creatures which require magical weapons to hit.
Bow.png “Massacre” Long bow was found on the floor of a room filled with 2 dead bodies in Leptar’s Fist. Clearly a superior bow, its weight is even and it seems to shoot true. It is considered + 1 to hit and + 1 to damage.
image.png Kizzkh’s Scimitar: This scimitar +2 was taken from the leader of the Grey Rat kobolds at the Battle of the Minotaur Caves
Wendl_s_platemail.jpg Wendl’s Plate-mail + 1 Owned previously by Wendl Ioldanner, the high priest of orcus, this platemail is exquisitely crafted and ancient in design.
Horseshoes_of_Carrying.jpg Horseshoes of Carrying: Any mount wearing these etched steel horseshoes will be able to carry an additional 100 lbs without adding to its encumbrace
image.png Jug of Purification: This plain clay jug can hold 1 quart of liquid. Any liquid placed in the jug will become pure filtered water.

Light riding horse, THAC0: 19, #ATT:1, 1-3, (Move 24: 0-180 lbs, Move 16: 181-270 lbs, Move 8: 271-360lbs) Used as a Pack Horse

Saddle 35 lbs
Torch x 4 4 lbs
Oil x 2 4 lbs
Scroll case 1/2 lb
Dry rations x 8 8 lbs
Small tent 10 lbs
Pitons x 6 3 lbs
Total Burden 64.5 lbs

Heavy War Horse (Move 15: 0 – 360 lbs , Move 10: 361 – 490 lbs, Move 5: 491 – 620 lbs )
AC: 6 (Leather Barding), HD 3 + 3, HP: 16, THAC0: 16, #ATT: 3 , Dmg: d8, d8, d3.

Saddle 35 lbs
Full Leather barding 60 lbs
Helga + adventuring gear 234 lbs
Horseshoes of Carrying
Total Burden 334 lbs

Movement 15


DOB: 8 Ambyrmont 980, Age: 20
From Landersfjord in the Kingdom of Vestland of the house Ottar.
She is the king’s neice, and her father (the king’s brother) is Jarl Eric Gudmundson. She left to find honour and wisdom, despite the wishes of her family.

Feast day of Frey and Freyja is 26 Yarthmont.
Freyja’s Holy Days is the half moon- Devotees has to make a devotion of a crafted object (they made themselves) to Freya.

She left Landersfjord on 1 Kaldmont 999AC, traveled via Norrvik and took the road through the Rockhome. Despite being winter, and having to pass through 4 mountain passes, she made the journey in just over a month.

Letter from Helga’s Father

To Helga Fjarlasdottir,

My daughter, it is to my dismay that you left my house against my expressed wishes. Your brother misses his older sister and your mother is distraught for your honour.

I regret indulging you in the art of swordplay before the birth of your brother and I fear that I compounded my mistake by enforcing a strict religious education. You can be assured that priestess of Freyja has earned my ire and been banished from the town.

Today I command that you return and do your duty by your family. Your hand has been requested by the Duke of Rhoona and it is an advantageous match.

If you do not return promptly I will approve of the union with or without your assent.

Your Father,
Jarl Eric Gudmundson

Helga Fjarlasdottir

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