Kart Solarman

Swashbuckling Sailor Wizard


Level: 6 XP: 43,440/60,000

Swashbuckler Mage
Human of mixed Thyatian and Makai heritage
5’ 10" Tall, 162 lbs
Brown hair olive skin with grey eyes. He has a large birthmark on his back.
Dressed in a frock coat, breeches, shirt, gloves, hat and tall boots he strikes a dashing figure. He is also draped in an expensive looking sable-lined cloak He has a dagger and a sabre at his belt, a magical backpack, dufflebag and a rope.

Demeanour: He is playful, flirtatious but single-minded. He is attracted to dark haired women and noticeably edgy when vampires are discussed.

Str: 13 Weight allowance 45 lbs
Int: 17 (16 + 1 due to Circlet of Recall) 75% chance to learn spells, 14 spells per level
Wis: 8
Dex: 18 +3 att adj, -4 def adj
Con: 9
Cha: 13 Reaction + 3 / + 5 to attracted sex
HP: 19, #Att: 1, Base Thac0: 18, Mv 12, AL: CG AC: 3 (Dex, ring and Kit) , -1 (Tumbling if he has initiative and is not attacking or spellcasting)

Proficiencies W/NW: 2/8
Weapon Proficiencies: Chosen Weapon: Sabre, Tight group proficiency in Fencing Blades: (Dagger, Main Gauche, Parrying Dagger, Rapier, Sabre, Stiletto, Sword Stick), Weapon Finesse. ( + 1 Weapon proficiency)
Nonweapon Proficiencies: Alertness(9), Reading/Writing (16), Swimming(13), Seamanship(19), Navigation(14), Panache(13), Rope Use(18), Tumbling (18)
Languages: Makai, Thyatian Language, Minrothad Patois

Weapon THAC0 Spd dmg SM/L Range #ATT Notes
Sabre of the Skeleton King 11 3 d6+5/d8+5 1
Dagger 15 2 d4+3/d3+3 Melee 1 has a silver dagger
Dagger, Thrown 15 2 d4/d3 1/2/3 2

Saving throws: (+1 Ring of Protection)
PPDM: 12, RSW: 8, PP:10, BW: 12, Sp:9,

Taxes paid of incomes made before 12th Vatermont


Sabre of the Skeleton King 5lbs
Circlet of Recall
Dagger x4 (Belt, 2x Boots, Neck) 4lb
Silver dagger 1lb
Fan of Wind 1lb
Belt pouches 3 lbs
Magical componants 1/2 lb
Pouch w/ 10 platinum 1/2 lb
Ivory Scroll case 1/2 lb
Guild Papers
Dead Wizard’s Ring
Finned Gauntlets
Wind Fan 1/4 lb
Circlet of Recall
Sable lined black cape, with secret pockets
Hat, Shirt, Vest, Gloves, Breeches, Boots, Cloak
Weight outside Backpack 15 lbs
Backpack of Containing 2 lbs
Pouch with 40 pp, 834 gold royals 17 lb
Pouch of Gemstones: 4x 500gpv, 300gpv Eye of Leptar, 4x 100gpv, 3×50gpv and 5×20gpv gems 1 lb
Pouch with 29pp, 68gp, 3x 50gpv gems, Pair of Gold Earrings 100gpv 4 lbs
Water skin 1lb
2 potions of Healing
Mug of the Tavern
20 sheets parchment
Pen and ink in case
3 vials Extra ink
50’ Silk rope
Four sacks
Chalk and case
Spellbook 3lb
Hard Tack x5 2.5lb
Sextant 1 lb
Hammock 1lb
Awl 1 lb
Wax thread
Needle and Thread
Blanket 1lb
Weight in Backpack 30.5 lbs
Total Carried 17 lbs

Stored at the Wulfwode trading house in Castellan Keep:

10 vials of holy water
Trade Ledger 2lb
10 sheets vellum
3 vellum books 3 lbs

Mounted weight: 181 lbs

Light riding horse, THAC0: 19, #ATT:1, 1-3, (Move 24: 0-180 lbs, Move 16: 181-270 lbs, Move 8: 271-360lbs)

Saddle 35 lbs
4 sets of horse legwarmers
6 Blankets
Bedroll 4 lbs
Small Tent 10lbs
Total Burden 230 lbs

Horse Movement: 16

Sabre_of_the_Skeleton_King.jpg Sabre of the Skeleton King This blade was taken from the throne of a skeleton king in the Shrine of Evil Chaos. Formerly a Scimitar, the handle and basket have been reworked over the course of a week by Gareth. After 5 days, Kart noted that although functional and well weighted, the basket was not artistic. As a concession, the basket was dipped in molten gold before the grip was re-wrapped, and a sapphire placed in the pommel.
Ring.jpg Dead Wizard’s Ring: Found on the corpse of a wizard caught between secret doors in Leptar’s Fist, the dead wizard’s ring is etched in arcane runes. It otherwise functions as a Ring of Protection + 1
image.jpeg Mug of the Tavern: Kart obtianed this item as loot from Horrack Elfslayer’s hoarde. This mug behaves in a perfectly ordinary fashion, except if it is empty and left balanced on its corner on a flat surface. When this occurs the handle of the mug points unerringly to the nearest Tavern, no matter how far and in which direction.
image.jpeg Backpack of Containing:This looks like a normal leather backpack, but it has an internal enchantment lightening the load of its contents, which allows it to hold an additional 40 lbs more than a normal backpack without any added encumbrance. (This is not an extradimensional space).
Finned_Gauntlets.png Finned Gauntlets: These sharkskin finned gloves were floating around in the Gelatinous Cube which attacked Emily. They allow the wearer to swim at 150% of their movement.
image.png Circlet of Recall: This brass headband adds +1 to a characters Intelligence, and has the power to raise scores above racial maximums up to 18
image.png Wind Fan: A wind fan appears to be nothing more than a wood and papyrus or cloth instrument with which to create a cooling breeze. The possessor can, however, by uttering the correct word, cause the fan to generate air movement duplicating a gust of wind spell as if cast by a 5th-level wizard. The fan can be used once per day with no risk. If it is used more frequently, there is a cumulative 20% chance per usage that the device will tear into useless, non- magical tatters.

Special Benefits:

Spells (arcane)
4x 1st level, 2x 2nd level, 2x 3rd
1: Magic Missile x2, Detect Magic, Shield
2: ESP, Invisibility
3: Fireball x2

1st level: Detect Magic, Find Familiar, Friends, Hold Portal, Magic Missile, Mount, Read Magic, Shield, Ventriloquism
2nd level: ESP, Invisibility, Web
3rd: Fireball, Item

Cannot learn Lightning bolt

When wearing light armour (leather or padded) or none, Kart receives a -2 bonus to Armour Class.

As a dashing figure, Kart also receives a -2 bonus on reaction rolls from NPCs of the opposite sex.

The weapons of the Swashbuckler are the rapier, sabre, main-gauche, and stiletto. At 1st level, a Swashbuckler receives a bonus weapon proficiency slot which must be used for one of these weapons; the most common choice is the rapier.

Swashbucklers of any class fight with a warrior’s THAC0 with that chosen weapon.

Until a Swashbuckler is proficient in all four of these weapons, at least half the character’s proficiency slots must be used on them.

Rogue proficiencies do not cost extra slots, no matter what the character’s class.

Once trained in Weapon Finesse, a character can exploit the ability to use light weapons quickly and accurately, using their dexterity attack bonus for hit and damage modifiers in melee combat.

The following weapons can be used with weapon finesse:
Dagger, Knife, Stiletto, Rapier, Main-gauche, Sabre, Scimitar, Short-sword and Whip

_Rope Use: _
This proficiency enables a character to accomplish amazing feats with rope. A character with rope use proficiency is familiar with all sorts of knots and can tie knots that slip, hold tightly, slide slowly, or loosen with a quick tug. If the character’s hands are bound and held with a knot, he can roll a proficiency check (with a -6 penalty) to escape the bonds.
This character gains a +2 bonus to all attacks made with a lasso. The character also receives a +10% bonus to all climbing checks made while he is using a rope, including attempts to belay (secure the end of a climbing rope) companions.

Aside from entertaining, the character with tumbling proficiency can improve his Armor Class by 4 against attacks directed solely at him in any round of combat, provided he has the initiative and foregoes all attacks that round. When in unarmed combat he can improve his attack roll by 2

Special Hindrances:
A reputation often precedes Kart, leading duelists and other swashbucklers to challenge the character’s prowess.

Strange luck affects Kart.


Birthplace: Utter Island Ierendi
DOB: 21 Klarmont 972 (28yoa)

Descended from a family of farmers Kart left to become an apprentice sailor at a young age.

He idolised the captain of the Aeolia, a swashbuckling wizard named Carbutt. Serving him faithfully Carbutt also saw Kart’s potential with magic and trained him in the arcane arts.

Always getting into trouble he was left ashore when captured sneaking out of the bedroom of a married woman in Minrothad City. Mysteriously he was released and fell into the shady underworld of that town. He functioned as a liaison between guilds, gambler, unlicensed spellcaster and occasionally a ‘kept man’. His days in Minrothad ended when he was accused of cheating, earning the enmity of an underworld boss and he was hounded from the town. Passage out was organised by his friend Edrindel Sealeye, a Water Elf, who shipped Kart in a crate to Karameikos.

Kart’s remaining family on Utter Island are his brothers Caradric, Vil and Morut and sister Krist, all farmers. His elder sister Eley is a Cleric of The People’s Temple on Ierendi Island.

Kart Solarman

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