Marina Favonius Publicus

Elegant noblewoman fallen on hard times


Human Female
Ht: 5’11" Wt: 90lbs
Age: late 20s

Tall slim and elegant, Marina is often seen in her magnificent blue silk dress, which is from a style 10 years out of fashion.

Her golden brown skin is slightly darker than an average Thyatian, she had brown eyes and dark hair. She wears her hair up and a small dagger in a neat black sheath at her waist. On the middle finger of her right hand is a signet ring. She seems not to wear any other jewellery.

In warm weather and indoors she typically wears stylish but sturdy black leather boots.
In the winter she wears furs: cloak, boots and gloves.

Marina has the gift of getting the best out of people, putting them at ease and establishing rapport.

She travels with a nondescript travelling trunk on a pack animal or cart.

Marina is quite closed lipped about herself, but when pressed she admits to being from a noble family from the Thyatian province of Redstone, on the Isle of Dawn.

At the moment she is working for a consortium of Guilds including the Logger’s guild.

She has a writ from the Grand Duchy giving her the duty and authority to organise a mission to clear the Castellan corridor of Humanoids.

Str: 9 Wt Allowance 35 lbs
Int: 17 Chance of learning Spells 75%, Max 14 Spells per level
Wis: 8
Dex: 13
Con: 12
Cha: 17 Max Henchmen: 10, Loyalty and Reaction Adj +10

AC: 10, HP: 33, Base THAC0 = 17, Mvt: 12

Saving Throws
PPD: 12, RSW: 12, P/P: 11, BW: 15, Sp: 13

Melee Weapons #AT THAC0 Speed Prof Damage SM/L Comments
Dagger 1 17 2 Basic d4/d3 On waist
Rapier 1 17 4 Basic d6+1/d8+1 In Trunk
Ranged Weapons RoF THAC0 Speed Range S/M/L Comments
Composite Short Bow 2 17 6 5/10/15 In case in Trunk
Ammunition Qty Type Prof THAC0 Damage SM/L Comments
Arrow 20×2 Sheaf Basic 17 d8/d8 2 quivers in Trunk

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Thyatian Read/Write, Alphatian +Read/Write, Ochalean, Traladaran


Blue Dress
Sturdy Boots
Fur cloak
Purse 2 lbs
Fur Boots
Fur Gloves
Dagger 1lb

Mounted weight: 93 lbs

Marina’s Trunk:
Spare Clothes
400gp 20lbs
Scroll Case 1/2 lb
Spell Book 3 lbs
Rapier 4lbs
Composite Short Bow 2 lbs
Quiver and 20 Arrows X2 4 lbs

Marina Favonius Publicus

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