Maxalla Trigostas

Rural minister; small town girl


Rural Cleric Level: 5, XP: 26,711/27,500

Traladaran Heritage, 5’8", 175 lbs, Blonde hair
Armed with an ancient bronze Morningstar and flasks of oil, armoured in Helga’s old platemail & holding a tower shield

Demeanour: Devout, polite, forgiving and understanding

Birthplace: Cryspatos, near Threshold,
DOB: Felmont 979 AC (21yoa)
Religion: Church of Traladara,

Strength: 16 +1 damage bonus. Weight allowance: 70 lbs, Max press: 195 lbs, Open doors: 9/20
Intelligence: 12 +2 languages or Non-weapon proficiencies
Wisdom: 17 (16 + 1 from Bracelet of Thoughtfulness) +2x 1st, +2x 2nd, +1x 3rdlevel spells, +3 to mind effecting spells
Dexterity: 10
Constitution: 14 System Shock:88%, Resurrection Survival: 92%
Charisma: 14 + 5 reaction bonus, +4 leadership bonus, Maximum henchmen: 8

Movement  6, 
Base THAC0: 18, 
Armour Class(AC): 1 or 0 vs. missiles,
Alignment: Lawful Good
Hit Points (HP): 33

Weapon proficiencies: Morning star(Skilled), “Clubbing Weapons” tight group proficiency.
Nonweapon proficiencies: Alms(14), Armour Proficiency(Platemail) Botany(12), Foraging (11), Healing(14), Herbalism(12),
Languages: Traladaran, Thyatian(Common), (Can read and write both)

Weapon THAC0 Speed Damage: Small or Medium/Large Range Attacks per round Notes
Bartziluth’s Howler 16 6 2d4+4/1d6+4 Melee 3/2 Skilled

Taxes paid of incomes made before 12th Vatermont


Platemail 25(50) lbs
The Tower Shield, +1, +2 vs missiles 10lbs
Bartziluth’s Howler 12 lbs
Everhot Teakettle 1 lb
Bracelet of Thoughtfulness
Lantern 2lbs
Wooden scroll case with 4 scrolls 1/2 lb
Scroll Raise Dead
Scroll Cure light wounds, Detect Magic
Scroll Detect Magic
Gland of a fire beetle obtained Vatermont 11 1/2 lb
Stone to flesh Ointment with 6 doses
Pouch 8 pp, 4gp 1lb
Pack 2lbs
Staff of the Python strapped to pack 2 lbs
Herbs for Healing, Herbalism, (14 doses left) 1.5 lbs
2 flasks of oil 2 lbs
2 vials of Holy water
Holy symbol (tiny shield on neck chain)
4000gpv brooch
Total Encumbrance 60 lbs

Mounted Weight 259 lbs

Medium War horse, THAC0: 19, HD 2+2, #ATT:3, 1-6, 1-6, 1-3, (Move 18: 0-220 lbs, Move 12: 221-330 lbs, Move 6: 330-440lbs)

Saddle 35 lbs
Bedroll 4 lbs
Small Tent 10lbs
Gwydion’s Silk Rope and Grapnel1 12lbs
Gwydion’s Hand Axe1 5 lbs
Gwydion’s Hammer1 5 lbs
Total Burden 330 lbs

Horse Movement: 12

1 Loaded on Max’s horse as Gwydion’s was overburdened

Bartziluth_s_Howler.png “Bartziluth’s Howler”: An ancient bronze morningstar, easily recognised and reputed by goblinoids to have been wielded by the entropic immortal himself. Vintar warned Maxalla that this weapon is held to be a holy relic by bugbears.
- Grants the ability to speak with and understand all Goblinoids
- Pandemonium Howl: – strike upon stone, a deafening howl emanates from the morningstar: All in 30 feet must save vs paralysis or become deaf for 2d6 rounds (Can be used up to 3 times a day)
Tower_shield.jpg The Tower Shield: Lightweight, tough alloy, clearly dwarven workmanship. Weighs 5lbs, works as a Tower shield, +1 vs hand to hand, +2 vs missiles, up to 3 melee attacks per round. Unable to be wielded by characters under 5’ or on horseback.
Python_Staff.png Staff of the Python: Command word “encircle”. The Staff strikes as a + 2 magical weapon and inflicts 1d6 + 2 points of damage when it hits. If the priest throws the staff to the ground, it grows from its 6-foot length, becoming a constrictor snake, 25 feet long (AC 3, 49 hit points, movement rate of 9). This happens in one round. The snake will entwine if it scores a hit, the opponent being constricted for 2d4 + 2 points of damage per round. The victim will remain trapped by the python until he dies or the creature is destroyed. Note that the python will return to its owner upon command. If it is destroyed while in snake form, the staff is destroyed. This weapon is only usable by those who can use priest’s magical items.
image.png Everhot Teakettle: This beaten copper tea kettle looks completely normal and uninspiring, until it is filled with water. Water placed in the kettle is immediately heated to steaming
image.png Bracelet of Thoughtfulness: This Item adds +1 to a characters Ability, and has the power to raise scores above racial maximums up to 18
image.jpeg “Spot” and “Rover”, 2 Wolves trained as war dogs. They respond to commands in Traladaran. Known commands are “Kill”, “Stop”, “Guard”, “Fetch” and “Stay”. AC: 5 (Leather armour); HD 3; THAC0: 18, HP: 16/21 (Spot), 10/18(Rover); MV: 12" ;#AT 1; Dmg: 2d4 ; Save F3; ML 10; AL N


Saving Throws Roll
Paralysation, Poison, and Death Magic 9
Rods Staves and Wands 13
Petrification or Polymorph 12
Breath Weapons 15
Spells 14, (11 vs mind effecting spells)

Turn Undead:
Skeleton T, Zombie T, Ghoul 4, Shadow 7, Wight 10, Ghast 13, Wraith16, Mummy 19, Spectre 20.

Spells 5x 1st Level, 5x 2nd Level, 2x 3rd level
1: Command, Cure Light Wounds x3, Locate Animals or Plants
2: Augury, Charm Person, Hold Person, Slow Poison, Speak with Animals
3: Speak with Dead, Stoneshape

Find food, shelter, and clothing in return for the benefit of his wisdom and a blessing or two for his hosts. Generally, if there’s shelter to be had, the priest can make use of it, but obtaining food or clothing for his companions may require a nonweapon proficiency check.

Find herbs 2d6 doses per full day with check.
Increased ability to find herbs.

Healing, Herbalism and Botany:

  • First Aid Heal 1d3 hp if treated the following round.
  • Heal 2hp per day not rested, 3hp per day of full rest (up to 6 people)

Traladaran Feast Days


Maxalla was brought up by her father (Vjelko) and his sister (Sonja) after her mother died in childbirth. Her aunt was only 15 when Maxalla was born and functioned as both a big sister and mother to Max. Later when Max was 8 years old, Vjelko remarried and Max went to live with Sonja.

From time to time a Friar Kasimir came to visit Cryspatos and stayed with Max and her auntie Sonja. Whilst he visited he always gave her lessons including identifying the trees and plants by their leaves and nuts. Kasimir sent Max gathering particular herbs from the woods. When she became skilled he gave her the books to read and study and a lantern of her own to read in her bedroom.

Later the Friar took Max and Sonja on a short pilgrimage and taught her how to minister to the poor. He taught her the healing of wounds, the setting of limbs, the mysteries of childbirth and which herbs that a peasant girl needed not to fall pregnant.

Max was 14 before she realised that Friar Kasimir kept returning because he was laying with Sonja. By that time she had the wisdom to understand that all men were able to be both heroes and fools. Kasimir had to keep moving on, perhaps to minister elsewhere, perhaps to lay with other village women, but he always returned, always loved Halav, Petra and Zirchev and always taught her the glory of their mercy.

One day Kasimir left and never returned. Max left to find him and visited the temple near Threshold, where she registered as an initiate. She was an impressive novice and quickly showed that she was skilled enough to be a priestess in her own right. As soon as she was promoted, she left to minister to the countryside, perhaps to see Kasimir again and send him back to Sonja’s embrace.

Maxalla Trigostas

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