Otto "Red" Barrom


Gnome Warrior, Level 5, XP:18,621/32,000
Also known as “The Skyfallen”, Red Barrom has lived with the High Forge gnomes for 50 years.

Otto is known as “Red” for his red beard and formerly, his red hair. He dresses in a leather jerkin with a front flap, holding two parallel brass buttons running down either side. He hangs a wrench from his belt and sometimes a crossbow over his shoulder.

Str: 12 Weight Adj:45 Lbs Max Press 140lbs, OD:7/20, BB/LG: 4%
Int: 15 +4 NWP/Languages
Wis: 9
Dex: 18 – 4 AC, +3 Attack Adjustment
Con: 14 +4 vs spells
Cha: 11

HP:42/42, Base THAC0: 16, AC: 3, (2 vs 1 attack per round if not using the crossbow) Move: 6, Unencumbered.
Saves: (+4 vs magic, +2 vs air and electricity)
PPM: 11 RSW: 13, PP:12, BW: 13, Sp:13
Weapon Proficiencies:
Club (Ratchet) (Basic), Arquebus (Basic), Crossbow Group (Basic), Light Crossbow (Expert), Pilot Archery, Steady Hand

Nonweapon Proficiencies:
Aerodynamics (16), Engineering (16), Fighter Piloting +2 (21), Machine Building (10), Reading and Writing, Weapon systems (16)

Dwarven, Gnomish, Skycommon, Thyatian

Weapon THAC0 Spd dmg SM/L Range #ATT Notes
Ratchet 16 4 1d6/1d3 Melee 1
Light Crossbow 11 (10 PB) 6 1 Expert
Quarrel 1d4/1d4 60(PB)/120/180 + 3 to hit + 2 dmg at point blank, + 2 to hit otherwise (If Steady Hand used + 3/ + 2/ + 0)

Taxes paid of incomes made before 12th Vatermont


Studded Leather Armour 12.5 lbs
Buckler 3lbs
Light Crossbow a quiver and 20 Quarrels 9 lbs
Ratchet 3lbs
Bumber Chute 2 lbs
Backpack 2lbs
Gland of a fire beetle obtained Vatermont 11 1/2 lb
Small pouch containing a 500gpv garnet, 7x 50gpv gems, 1x 100gpv onyx, 29 pp 1 lbs
Scroll case, Paper, pen and ink 1 lb
Potion of Gaseous Form 1/4 lb
Torch 1lb
Tinkering box 6 lbs
Skyhook 2lbs
Total 36.25 lbs

Stored Items

Medium chest 8 lbs
Quiver of 8 quarrels 2lbs
Horse and footman’s Muskets 10lbs
Red Powder 2 lbs
Vermeil 2 lbs
Chest Weight 24 lbs

Special Abilities:
Otto receives +1 AC vs larger than man sized creatures.

Otto gets a -2 penalty to Dexterity if he dons armour more bulky than chainmail.

Otto receives a bonus of +2 vs air and electricity based attacks.

Otto receives a +1 or 5% bonus to any machinery related proficiency or check. (Included above)

Whenever Otto is about to accidentally fall from the sky (any distance greater than 10’) he gains a save vs death magic to miraculously get a handhold or snag a foot and avoid falling through some sort of dumb luck. This roll is adjusted by the Dexterity attack bonus.

When aboard a flying machine, mount or structure, Otto has a 60% chance of knowing, the approximate altitude, approximate speed, safety of manoeuvres and if the weather is effected by magic.

Aerodynamics, Engineering , Weapon systems: Theoretical and practical understanding of these Sciences as per a half powered Sage Knowledge proficiency.

(Fighter) Piloting:
Can fly the Fighter Gnomish air craft. see Top Ballista for details.

Pilot Archery:
As per Horse Archery style specialisation. No penalty of moving half speed or slower, -2 if travelling over half speed. If attempted on horseback gains a -1 penalty to these.

Steady hand:
Characters with this talent are excellent shots with bows or crossbows. They have an unusually good eye for distance, a knack for judging a tricky shot, and a smooth and easy aim and release. If the character takes a full round to aim his shot (i.e., voluntarily holds his action until last in the round) he suffers no penalty for a medium-range shot and only a –2 penalty for a long-range shot. If the character would normally receive multiple attacks with his weapon, he has to forfeit them in order to use this talent—he can make only one shot per round.


Otto "Red" Barrom

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