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Using a variant somewhere between AD&D 2.0 and 2.5
House rules below.

Character Creation
1. Create a Character sheet

2. Choose a Race

3. Choose a Class: limited by Race choice
Alternatively you could choose Class first and then your race options would be limited by your class choice.
Non-human characters may choose to Multi-class.

4. Roll for Ability Scores: determined by Class choice
Roll 4d6 (take the highest 3) 6 times. Take the numbers in order and apply them to: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, Charisma

5. Apply Racial Ability Modifiers

6. Choose a Kit: limited by Class, Race, and Abilities
Multiclass characters may only have one kit, chosen from either of their classes or from a Universal Kit.
If a kit lists one or more weapon proficiencies as required, those weapons are automatically allowed to the character, even if his class would normally disallow them. The exception to this rule are members of any Priest class, who must always abide by the strictures of their class (unless the kit specifies otherwise). Unless otherwise noted, these required proficiencies must be purchased in the order they appear, and no other proficiencies may be gained until all required proficiencies are obtained. Weapon proficiencies listed as a Bonus may be used by the character regardless of class limitations (even by priests).

7. Choose a Homeland: limited by Class, Race, and Abilities.
A character may only have one homeland.

8. Priests should choose a Religion or patron Immortal.
Choice of religions are limited by Alignment and priest class.
Clerics may opt to choose a specialty priest kit as well (if they meet the prerequisites).
Druids may opt to specialize in a terrain (Arctic, Desert, Forest, Subterranean, Mountain, Plains, or Swamp).
Non-priests may also choose a religion, though it is not required. Non-priests may belong to any religion that allows worshipers of their alignment.

9. Determine the number of starting Proficiencies, determined by Class, Kits, Homeland, and Abilities

10. Select Nonweapon Proficiencies: determined by Class, Kits, Homeland, and Abilities
Note that some kits and homelands list certain “forbidden” Proficiencies. These may not be taken at character creation, but the character is free to learn such proficiencies as he advances (assuming he can find a teacher).

11. Select Weapon Proficiency Options: determined by Class, Kits, and Abilities

12. Wizards (including Mages, Specialists, Bards etc), should choose their starting spells.

13. Check for Psychic Wild Talents (Optional).
All characters have a chance of possessing psionic talents. In addition to this random roll, some kits and homelands may give you automatic wild talents.

14. Buy Equipment

Character creation

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