An elven occupation which marries warrior craft and magic use.

Advancement as per Experience Advancement
HD: d8 to 9th level and +2/level after.
Saves as per Cleric

Prime requisites Str:(min 12) and Int: (min 12).
Foresters with both Strength and Intelligence over 15 receive a 10% bonus on earned XP until 10th level.

WP/NWP: Initial: 3/3 and 1/1 per 3.
Spell/level as per wizard (Spell list as per The Elves of Alfheim) to 10th level
Attacks (THAC0) as a Warrior up to 10th level . Gains an extra half an attack per round at 7th level.
Constitution bonus but not exceptional Strength bonus as per Fighter.

Alfheim elven clan Wizards may learn Spells up to 5th level from treekeepers on the proviso that they do not instruct outsiders in their use.

Note: Multiclassed Warrior-wizards of the same level have a larger selection of spells and potentially percentile strength.

After 10th level decision must be made to follow the Way of the Tree (receiving instruction in magic use by the Treekeepers or the Way of the Warrior.

Way of the Tree: Spells progress as per Wizard, No advancement in THAC0. No further weapon proficiencies. Further Warrior NWPs cost an extra slot. Any weapon mastery beyond Skilled cannot be maintained due to lack of practice (slots are lost).

Way of the Warrior: Extra half an attack per round at level 11 and again at level 16THACO: -1 per level. No increase in spell levels or caster level, no further spell acquisition. Further Wizard NWPs cost an extra slot.

Some humans are inducted into a clan and advised in the Forester way (see Vyalia) but can never become treekeepers or pass beyond 10th level in Forester magic use.

Shadowelves follow a similar path but have their own spells as per GAZ 13: The Shadow Elves, and the concentration on Wizardly progression after 10th level is not associated with the religion of the Shadow Elves.


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