Level: 7, XP: 42,086/70,000

Darine, Gypsy, Bard
Race: Human Male,
Weight: 175 lbs
His shirt is burgundy, and he wears a black vest, belt, breeches, a green cloak and a hat.
Armoured in Leather armour, armed with Daggers both wielded and thrown but also a sling. He has a fiddle in a case on his back.

Str: 10 Max Press 115 lbs, Weight allowance 40 lbs, Open doors 6, Bend bars 2%
Int: 14 Maximum spell level 7th, 60% chance to learn spells, Max spells per level 9
Wis: 13
Dex: 16 +1 Att adj -2 def adj
Con: 13 System shock 88%, Res Survival 92%,
Cha: 17 (16 + 1 with Earring of Savoir Faire +6 reaction adj

Mv: 11 (lightly encumbered), AC: 5, HP: 38, #Att: 1, Base THAC0: 17,

Weapon THAC0 Spd dmg SM/L Range #ATT Notes
Ruby Dagger 13/(12 if thrown) 0 d4/d3 (+5 dmg if melee) Melee or 10/20/30 2/1 melee or 4
Dagger 15 (14 if thrown) 1 d4/d3 (+3 if melee) Melee or 10/20/30 3/2 melee or 3 Silver dagger -1 dmg
Rhuum’s Longsword 20 5 d8/d12 Melee 1 Non-proficient, can learn
Sling(Bullet) 16 6 d4+1/d6+1 60/100/200 2
Sling(Stone) 16 6 d4/d4 40/80/160 2


Proficiencies W/NW: 3/8
Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger ( Expert ), Sling
Nonweapon Proficiencies: Ambush(14), Dancing(16), Direction Sense(14), Disguise(15), Musical instrument-Fiddle(15), Spellcraft, Survival- Forest(14), One spare
Bonus: Animal Handling(12), Animal Lore(14), Animal Training(13), Riding(16)

Languages: Thyatian, Darine, Darokinian, Sindhi

Saving throws:
PPDM: 11, RSW: 12, PP:10, BW: 14, Sp:12,

Taxes paid of incomes made before 12th Vatermont


Pouch with 2 keys – bugbear chief and kobold chief 1 lb
Leather Armour 15 lbs
Arena Ring (Of Protection + 1)
Ruby Dagger +2 1lb
Boots of Dryness
Bracers of Throwing
Scroll of Protection from Undead
Earring of Savoir Faire
Silver dagger
Daggers x8 8 lbs
Sling & 20 bullets 2 lbs
Lantern 2 lbs
Flint and steel *
Small sack *
Pouch w/ 4 royals 10 Cronas in it 1/4lb
Fiddle and case 1lb
Fancy Gem studded belt 600gpv
Backpack 2 lbs
1x 1200 gpv necklace, Jewelled bracelet 700gpv, 1×500 gpv, 6×100 gpv, 3×50gpv gems, 2x 100gpv earrings 1/2 lbs
Map case 1/2 lb
3 sheets of paper
Silver Mirror Wrapped in black velvet 1/2 lbs
1 flask holy water 1/2 lb
Empty Pouch
5 Pitons 2.5 lbs
4 Flasks of oil 4 lbs
Dry rations 1 week 2 lbs
Spellbook 2 lbs
Clothing *
Carried 41.5 lbs

Movement 11 (Lightly encumbered)

Light riding horse, THAC0: 19, #ATT:1, 1-3, (Move 24: 0-180 lbs, Move 16: 181-270 lbs, Move 8: 271-360lbs) (Replacement Horse)

Saddle 35 lbs
Rhuum’s Longsword 7 lbs
Small tent 10 lbs
Bedroll 4 lbs
Small chest containing 4 bottles fine wine(80 gpv each) 3 lbs
Total Burden 268 lbs1

Horse movement: 16

1 Max’s horse has Gwydion’s grapnel, silk rope, hammer and hand axe strapped to it as his was overburdened.

image.jpeg Arena Ring: This magical ring was found on the body of Kaliya, one of Cullen’s friends. It is a silver ring with an stone of amethyst and arcane runes. It functions as a Ring of Protection +1
Ruby_Dagger.jpg Ruby Dagger: This dagger was pilfered from the tomb in the monastery high on Leptar’s Fist. It is well crafted, with rubies on the hilt, does not shed light and functions a magical dagger +2.
Boots_of_Dryness.png Boots of Dryness These shoes were taken from the dead elf in the dusty secret passage in the Caves of Chaos. They seem to repel water, remaining exceptionally dry, but did not stop water filling them when dunked into a barrel. When tipped out they remained dry inside. They are an attractive suede.
Bracers_of_Throwing.jpg Bracers of Throwing: Bearing ancient Dwarven runes and symbols of hand axes, this pair of bracers was stolen from the crypt of the unliving previous High Priest of the Shrine of Evil Chaos. These leather bracers give the wearer a +1 to hit with a thrown weapon.
image.png Earring of Savoir-Faire: This Diamond earring adds +1 to a character’s charisma, and has the power to raise scores above racial maximums, up to a maximum of 18

Special Skills:
Forester secondary skill
Animal Rapport: Proficient in Animal Handling(12), Animal Lore(14), Animal Training(13), Riding(16)
Allure of Gypsies (needs 3 to perform)
Fortune Telling (Augury if using a scrying/divining device)

3x 1st level, 2x 2nd level, 1x 3rd level
1: Charm Person, Phantasmal Force, Sleep
2: Invisibility x2
3: Fireball

1st level: Detect Undead, Featherfall, Sleep, Spider Climb, Phantasmal Force
2nd level: Forget, Invisibility
3rd level: Fireball, Item
(Can’t learn Knock or Levitate, Can learn ESP and Web)

Rogue Abilities.
Climb Walls: 50(trees) 45(stone), Detect Noise: 55, Pick Pockets: 20, Read Languages: 55

Influence reactions:
Perform: Save vs Paralysis (at – 1 per 3/ levels) if failed shift reactions by 1 per level
Inspiration: If exact nature +1 to attacks or saves or +2 reactions ~3 full rounds, 10’/level

Counter effect of songs/poetry as magical attacks

5%/level for general purpose/function of magical items
Read/Write native tongue, local history

-Doesn’t recognise private property (possession= ownership)
-Free thinker w.r.t Relationships
-Loves Nature
-Doesn’t worship a deity
-Loyalty to Friends (Hard Earned)
-Not big on Cash
-can specialise with knife or Dagger

A character with this proficiency is skilled at laying ambushes and setting up surprise attacks. Most characters can set up an adequate ambush when the terrain favors it and they know the enemy is coming, but a character who spends a slot on this skill is able to create ambushes where ambushes wouldn’t normally be possible.

Ambushes are impossible if the attackers have already been spotted by the victims; there’s no point in hiding then. If the ambushing party knows their quarry is coming to them, they can lay an ambush. If the attack is going to take place in difficult or unusual circumstances, a proficiency check may be called for; failure indicates that the victims have spotted the ambush before they walk into it. Otherwise, the ambush is guaranteed to achieve surprise.

Gwydion took note of the details of a reputed Iron Ring encampment Southeast of town


Birthplace: In a forest clearing
Birthday: 20 Flaurmont
4th of 5 children
Father and Mother are living
Proficient singer and Fiddler
Natsiya: Daro
Vitsa: Kaldresh
Kampaniya: Vatraska
Familiya: Julka

The Story of Julka and Kianise the Dryad

Julka was young, brave warrior. He was hardy, ranging far and was renowned as a hunter.

When Julka left his familiya, he was hunting for a bear to skin, as his young wife was pregnant with a son and the winter was coming.

He wandered into the hills near here and tracked the a bear to a stream, while it was catching salmon. Whilst battling the bear, each took a vicious wound and Julka retreated into the woods.

He was found dying by the Dryad Kianise, who took pity on him. Julka stayed with Kianise while he healed but the Dryad fell in love with the mortal. When Julka announced his intent to return home and see his child, Kianise knew she could not follow: she had bonded with her home tree.

Desperate, she cast a love spell on Julka. For years they remained together, young, happy and carefree.

After some time, Kianise started to wonder why she had never had a daughter with Julka. She consulted with the wise owl and her suspicions were confirmed. She had earned the displeasure of Ordana by keeping Julka from his child.

Later that day, Julka came to his love and found her crying. She explained the problem and decided to send him home. When Kianise released the spell Julka refused to leave, professing his undying love.

Kianise begged with Julka to return to his familiya: if their love was true he would return and they could have a daughter. Knowing it was the only way they could be happy together and with a heavy-heart, Julka left the grove.

Julka knew he had been away for a time but did not recall how long it was. Of course, the familiya had long gone. He wandered until he found Dom who knew his familiya. He told them his story and they indicated where his familiya were headed.

Before he could set off they were attacked by the slavers with the manacle tattoos and he was taken far away. This was seven years ago. The centaurs tell me that Kianise still waits in her grove, unaware of Julka’s fate.


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