Popate Sunseeker


Popate was rescued from the Caves of Chaos only to face battle in the minotaur caves.
He is a Horse Atruaghin and his totem is the dragonfly.

Barbarian: 1st level
AC 3/4 (Hide + / – Shield), HP 13, AL: LN
S:17 ( +1 / +1 ), I:10, W: 13, D:15 ( – 1 def), Co:15, Ch: 11

Weapon THAC0 Dmg SM/L # Att Ammunition
Shortbow 20 d6/d6 2 40 flight arrows
Feathered Spear 18 d6+2/d8+2 1 N/A

Feathered Spear: This spear +1, taken from the minotaur in the caves of chaos, is engraved with runes of power. It has been adorned with eagle feathers after being lent to Popate.


Popate Sunseeker

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