Ahmanni Turtle Rider

List of Immortals

Female Immortal
Atruaghin pantheon

On of the pantheon of the Atruaghin Clans, patron of the Clan of the Turtle, sea, family, sacrifice & beauty

Location: Atruaghin, Sind

Also Known as Ahumani

Followers Alignment: Lawful and Neutral

Holy Symbol: Holy Symbol: Ahmanni’s symbol is the whale tooth necklace worn by so many of the Children of the Sea Turtle. Among her Clerics, one tooth is worn for each level of experience acquired and, thus, the power of a priest is instantly obvious from the nature of the Holy Symbol he wears.

Priest AL: LG or LN
Min Ability Scores: Wis11
WP required: none
NWP required: Endurance(Swimming)
NWP Recommended: Craftsman(woodworking)

Weapons Permitted: bone harpoon, short bows, bone knives
Armour Allowed: leather wood jerkin (AC 7), helmets, no shields

Major Access: All, Animal, Plant, Elemental Water, Creation, Healing, Protection, Divination, Combat
Minor Access: none
Bonus Proficiencies: Profession (Seaman)

All Spells of Elemental Water sphere cast as if 1 level lower
1st level Underwater HIS- similar to thief ability instead that the priest upon swimming underwater can HIS among the reefs and anything that casts shadow which can be used to blend into the surroundings with. The priest starts at 5% per level at level 1 and get 5% per level each level until a max of 95%
3rd level charm sea animals 3/day and once per creature. Creature needs to make a st. vs. spells to avoid the effects
5th level Waterbreathing ability 1/day
10th level Priests can obtain and cast Wizard spells pertaining to Elemental water as priest spells of the same level. To do this they must obtain a scroll of the spell, decipher the scroll for 7 days, complete a chance to learn spells as per a Wizard and then pray to Ahmanni. Ahmanni then usually chooses to grant the spell to the priest as requested.

Ahmanni Turtle Rider

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