Alphatia (Immortal)

List of Immortals

Female Immortal

Patron of Pacifism, Artistry, Alphatians, arts, beauty, peace, order and harmony and opposition to Alphaks

Locations: Alphatia, Bellisaria, Norwold, Alatian Islands, Ochalea, Isle of Dawn, Haven, Sind. Her philosophies have not spread much beyond the boundaries of the Alphatian Empire.

Holy Symbol: A glowing shield with paints dabbed on it like an artist’s palette

Also known as The Pacifist, Latehani, Yao-Lan, Zi Lady of Peace and Hua Fei-Xiang

Worshippers’ Alignment: Any Good

Priest’s Allowed Weapons: Staff, Dagger
Priest’s Allowed Armour: Any

Priest’s Spheres: All, Charm, Divination, Elemental Air, Healing, Guardian, Numbers Protection.

Turn: -2 levels

Priest’s Special Benefits and Hindrances:
1st level: Must not initiate combat. Read Magic 1x per day.
5th level: Identify 1x a day. Does not use material components if at a temple of Alphatia.
7th level: Use Crystal Balls and other non-offensive Magic user magical Items.
10th Level: Legend Lore 1x a week.

Alphatia (Immortal)

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