Bagni Gullymaw

List of Immortals

Entropic Immortal

Patron of Eating, Cannibalism, Trolls, and Food

Holy Symbol: Bagni’s symbol is a pair of teeth (Canines) dripping with

Region: Broken Lands, Norwold, Vestland, Yazak Steppes, Sind, Davania and wherever Cannibal Human(oids) may thrive.

Also known as The Great Devourer, Yemekhershey

Priest’s/Followers Alignment: CE/Chaotic

Weapons: Any
Armour: Any

Sphere Access: All, Animal, Chaos, Healing, Necromantic (minor), Plant, Summoning, Wards

Turn: No

Special abilities/hindrances:
+1 to saving throws vs fire.
+3 to saving throws vs ingested poisons.
Can eat spoiled food or drink as if that food has been effected by purify food and drink.
Must eat 1HD of intelligent creatures each week.

Bagni Gullymaw

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