List of Immortals

Male Immortal

Patron of Bugbears, courage, warfare, fury in battle, berserkers, tenacity

Region: Broken Lands, Bugbears worldwide, Northern Reaches, Sind

Also known as Hruggek, Modi, Vurmak

Followers Alignment: Neutral and Chaotic (Evil usually)
Holy Symbol: Bartziluth’s symbol is a huge spiked mace
Priest AL: CE
Min Ability Scores: Str: 15 Wis: 9
WP required: mace
NWP required: none
NWP Recommended: Military Tactics
Weapons Permitted: all bludgeoning, especially mace
Armour Allowed: partial or no armour (see GAZ 10)

Major Access: All, Charm Combat, War, Chaos, Necromantic, Astral, Protection, Divination, Guardian
Minor Access: none

Priests have the ability to become an Expert in Mace.
1st level: Has thief ability HIS at 5% at level with an additional 5% per level until 95%
3rd level: Can wield weapons 1 size larger than himself and use them without penalty
5th level: Berserker rage useable 3/day 1 round/level which gives a + 2 to att/ + 2 to dam, must continue to attack until the end of the beserk (including friends)
9th level: Pandemonium Howl- priest can do a “howl” so loud that it can temporarily deafen foes that fail a st vs. paralysis so that effective communication between deaf victims and rest of party is nearly impossible. The area of effect is a 40’ radius and is useable 3/day.


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