A land of steppes surrounded by high, cold mountains except to its East, this vast grassland is home to the nomadic Ethengarian people.

Recently united by the Golden Khan, an official currency established, the Ethengar are being re-evaluated by the more modern nations nearby.

Traditionally friendly with Dwarves, other foreigners are generally seen as unwelcome on the steppes, although regular merchant caravans and deputations from Darokin reach the Ethengar after a risky passage through the Broken Lands. The Ethengar have an enmity with the principalities of Glantri, a long standing tradition of raiding into the low plains of Heldann.

Renowned riders of the fleet steppe ponies the Ethengar are also highly regarded archers, herders, hunters and warriors.

There is a rigid hierarchy in the tribes and a strong association with spiritual practices, superstitions and occasional traditional magics. There is a curtailed pantheon, and a large number of local spirits.

Ethengarian Language


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