Savage Baronies

Nations of the Savage Coast
Immortals of the Savage Baronies

Adjacent to and inland from the Western aspect of the Gulf of Hule, these small rapidly expanding territories frequently clash with each other and rarely ally to combat and outside threat.

Some of the nations are afflicted with the Red Curse
-Baronía de Gargoña
-Baronía de Narvaez
-Baronía de Torreón
-Bushwack Prairie
-Cimmaron County
-Dominio de Vilaverde
-El Grande Carrascal
-Estado de Almarrón
-Estado de Guadalante
-Estado de Texeiras

The people of the Savage Baronies usually wear simple, light, cotton clothing, though suede and leather are popular among the middle and upper classes, especially with Gauchos and Swashbucklers. Swashbucklers and Nobles also wear silks and velvets. Even the poorest people tend to wear at least one brightly-coloured item of clothing, and Swashbucklers are positively vibrant in appearance.

Clothing is a status symbol among adventurers and the upper classes. Baronial society considers good taste in dress a virtue. Often, adventurers to carry spare clothing for occasions when they want to impress others.

Due to the spread of swashbuckling, plate mail, field plate, and full plate armour are rarely seen in the baronies, though a few Narvaezan nobles own suits of full plate. Breastplates, however, are extremely common and are worn even by Swashbucklers. Chain mail, ring mail, and scale mail are worn by mercenaries of Narvaez and Torreón and by warriors of Almarrón, Saragón, and Gargoña. Leather and studded leather armour are the types most likely to be found in Vilaverde, Texeiras, Cimmaron, and Guadalante.

Heavier armours are avoided by seafarers of the sea powers and mounted Gaucho warriors. Heavy armours are also avoided in Cimmaron because firearms are common, which all but negates the benefits of armour (see the Savage Coast Equipment for details).

Cimmaron County is known for making and exporting smokepowder and wheellock pistols. These weapons are frequently seen throughout the Savage Coast, though somewhat less outside the Baronies.

The development of firearms has not diminished the popularity of other missile weapons. Hand crossbows are popular among the upper classes in Almarrón, Saragón, and Gargoña, and because they are reasonably common in the baronies, one can be purchased there for only 40 oros (gold pieces), rather than 300 gold pieces as listed in the PHB. Likewise, quarrels for a hand crossbow can be purchased for one dies (silver piece) each.

Larger crossbows, both light and heavy, are popular among the mercenaries of Narvaez and Torreón; the militias of Almarrón, Saragón, and Gargoña; and among the seafarers of Vilaverde and Texeiras. Short bows are popular with peasants throughout the baronies, as are long bows with adventurers. Gauchos of the Savage Baronies swing bolas. The lasso is also a common weapon in Cimmaron, Guadalante, Almarrón, and Saragón.

Blades are by far the preferred melee weapons of the Savage Baronies. Because the rapier is the favoured armament of the Swashbuckler, it is common throughout the Baronies. Sabres are also popular with both Swashbucklers and Gauchos. Rapiers can be fitted with basket hilts (more common to sabres), but are more likely to have a swept hilt, which has the same game effects as the basket hilt.

Swept hilts are sometimes found on short swords as well. Both short swords and long swords are common in Narvaez and Torreón. These weapons tend to have more ornate hilts and guards than their counterparts outside the baronies. It is not unusual to see a forward-angled or curved guard on a long sword.

Daggers and similar weapons also tend to be very popular among Baronials, particularly peasants, due to their affordability. Swashbucklers prefer such arms as second weapons, wielded in the off hand, opposite a sabre or rapier; the main-gauche is another popular complement to the rapier. Gauchos like daggers for their many uses and have even been known to duel with daggers on occasion.

Red steel weapons are especially popular in the Savage Baronies; while the metal is not readily available, it is still much more common in the Savage Baronies than elsewhere.

Savage Baronies

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