Sea of Ochalea and Sea of Pearls


The congregation of islands in 3 groups off the southern tip of the Isle of Dawn, and the stretches of waters lying between them.

Counterclockwise, across the Straights of Furmenglaive from the Isle of Dawn is the large island of Ochalea. To its west of Ochalea is the Sea of Dread, to its east the Sea of Ochalea. South and east across the Sea of Ochalea are the Pearl Islands, the largest of these, Nuar, is also the easternmost. North East of Nuar is the Sea of Pearls, and the five Alatian Isles in a loose cross. Northwest of the largest of these, Aegos, are the Straights of Barbarossa and the Isle of Dawn again.

Due to the proximity of the Shadow Coast of the Isle of Dawn and the Alatian isle of Ne’er Do Well, these calm and pleasant waters are often troubled by piracy, rogue slavers and Naval patrols of both the Thyatian and Alphatian navies

Sea of Ochalea and Sea of Pearls

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