Serpent Peninsula


At the western aspect of the Sea of Dread a large peninsula sweeps down from central Brun. Projecting from the Barren Plain surrounding the Great Waste, The Serpent Peninsula, as it is known, ends in the Western Thaniegoth Archipelago, and is about 400 miles across the Serpent Straight to Kastelios in Northern Davania.

The western side of the peninsula faces the Western Sea. Across the neck of the Serpent peninsula, between the towns of Kadanovic and Tyjaeret, is caravan trail through savannah, to bypass the prolonged sea journey around the Peninsula.

To the south is the nation of Yavdlom, a religious nation nestled in the jungle. In the north, is the Nakakande rainforest, the peaceful tribes of the Karimari train elephants to assist them for transport and construction.

Serpent Peninsula

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