Traladaran Language

Known World
Traladaran Heritage

Through the centuries, the southern coast of easten Brun has been occupied by nations of hardy folk. The Sages think that the Traldar language has a significant influence on the modern day Traladaran language, although the MIlenian people of Skothar have similar word roots and syntax.

It is thought by linguists in at Biazzan University that the languages of the Darine and Dom people are related to Traladaran. WIth many Darine living in regions where Traladaran is spoken this may be misleading.

Traladaran people have emigrated to other areas of Brun. The City Statesof the Serpent Peninsula and a principality in Glantri speak dialects of Traladaran.

Slagich is the dialect spoken in the City States however is not to be confused with the Slag Language which has much in common with modern day Thyatian

Traladaran Language

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