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Starting Cash
Each character receives an amount of starting cash determined by their class(es),homeland, and/or kit(s).
In most cases, the character’s kit will define an amount of cash (and possibly additional equipment) that the character starts the game with. In instances where the kit does not specify an amount of starting cash (or simply says “normal”) the character’s homeland determines the starting cash. If both his kit(s) and homeland do not specify an amount of cash, the character’s starting funds default to the below values (based on class group).

Class Group Starting Funds
Warrior 5d4 x10gp
Priest 3d6 x10gp
Rogue 2d6 x10gp
Wizard 1d4+1 x10gp

In some cases, the character’s kit(s) and homeland will both specify an amount of bonus cash or free equipment apart from the rolled starting funds. In this case the character receives all such bonus equipment and funds, in addition to the rolled amount (determined as above).
All arcane spellcasters (mage, specialist, or bard) begin with a free spellbook (with 50 pages). Likewise, all characters from the Priest group begin with a free holy symbol of their deity (usually silver).

Multi-class characters gain the average of the starting cash listed for their various classes. Thus a multi-class Fighter/Mage would start with ((6d4+1)/2 x10gp).


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