List of Immortals

Female Immortal, Celestial of Thought.

She is patroness of love and beauty, sexuality, fertility, Seidh(prophecy), Keeper of Souls, Queen of the Valkyries.

This wise warrior is beautiful, thoughtful, and noble. She inspires tactical planning and honourable actions.

She is the sister of Frey.

Region: Northern Reaches, Heldann, Norwold, Isle of Dawn, Wendar, Queodhar, Savage Coast (Eusdria as Fredara).

Also known as Fredara, Lady, Seer, Sage, Lady of the Black Swordhand, Tefnut, Parjani, Fei Po, Lady of Peace.

Holy Symbol: A white winged Pegasus, the Winged horse is her favorite mount.

Priest’s/Follower’s Alignment: Any Good/Any. In the Northern reaches mostly freemen and Thralls

Min Ability Scores: Str 13 Int 13 Cha 12, Typically Female.
WP required: none
NWP required: Tracking
Weapons Permitted: Hand Axe, Shortsword, Clerical weapons
Armour Allowed: Chainmail or less, all shields
Major Access: All, Animal, Astral, Charm, Divination, Healing, Summoning
Minor Access: Combat, Guardian, Necromantic, Protection
Add: Flameblade, Goodberry
Bonus Proficiencies: Prophecy
Turn: Yes

1st Level: +25% reaction to Opposite sex and simliar race.
Love Match: With time and research, a Priestess of Freyja can determine points of similarity and difference between two beings, potentially to arrange a love match. With 2 rounds of contemplation a wisdom Check +2, the Priestess will know if they are potentially compatible for attraction. With 1 turn of study and a passing acquaintance of both parties the priestess should be able to predict the chance of a sexual attraction and the opportunities required to bring about intercourse. For a long lasting romance or partnership the priestess must undergo up to 1 week of dedicated contemplation, interaction and (often covert) interviewing to have a sound understanding of the suitability of a couple. A general understanding of how to facilitate the romance will be gained.
3rd level: Friends at will 3x a day.
7th level: Pass without trace, Priest only automatic ability.

NOTE: Because of the friendship qualities espoused by this priesthood , its priests need to always try to help their fellows. A priest of Freyja would never let their comrades down or leave them to die.


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