The People's Temple


The People’s Temple is a faith incorporating many of the myths, rituals, and practices of the native Makai tribal religions, but better suited for those who have abandoned the tribal life to live in town, and for those of continental descent seeking a faith more in tune with the rhythms of Ierendi culture.

Temples can be found throughout the islands, but since most rituals and religious observances take place outdoors, many communities have no specific building labeled as a temple, and the priesthood may or may not live together, according to the particular whims of local clerics.

The temple is an informal religion with each site having its own services and rituals. Priests are treated as family, with cheerful familiarity.

Never is a particular Immortal mentioned, rather there is a certain force to be worshipped or acknowledged, particularly the good will to be done to others.

The People's Temple

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