Karameikan Towns

Threshold is a frontier community on the Windrush(Wulfholde) River near Lake Windrush. Originally a simple logging community, it has grown into sprawling settlement of nearly 5000 since the coming of the Thyatians. Despite its large population, Threshold is not a squalid, crowded town due mainly to a law passed by Baron Sherlane Halaran that forbids any building to be built within 50’ of each other.

Threshold has a full range of services, as one would expect from a community of this size. A wide range of accommodations are available in the town.

There are also 2 local laws worthy of note. First, casting of wizard magic within town limits is a minimum of a Class 1 crime. Second, only daggers, swords, & staffs may be carried. Prohibited weapons are confiscated by the town guard. Also, keep in mind that though wearing armour is not illegal, citizens will be highly suspicious of armoured persons wandering the streets.


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