Thyatian Language

Languages of the Known World

Spoken in: Thyatian Empire, Alatian Islands, Five Shires, Glantri, Heldann (Hattian dialect), Ierendi (for trade), Helskir, Isle of Dawn, Karameikos, Southern Norwold, Oceansend, Rockhome (City)

Distinctly related to Antalian, the Thyatian language began developing 2000 years ago. Whilst the Thyatian progenitor tribes came into contact with Davanian neighbours. By BC 600 when the tribes returned to Brun a proto-Thyatian spoken and written languages are in a form recognisable as similar to today’s Thyatian.

Thyatian has spread through Brun’s southern and eastern coasts, across the Isle of Dawn and some of the Davanian north coast. Functioning as a Lingua Franca and trade tongue, most cities or towns will have a Thyatian speaker around.

Thyatian Language

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