Thyatian Towns

Rebelling from the empire of Alphatia 1000 years ago, the Thyatian empire has waxed and waned in power.

Culture and political influence of the Empire is centred on the mighty Thyatis City.

Ruled by an Emperor and a Senate, Thyatis exerts military influence with ts disciplined military legions around the world.

Its territories to the East on the Isle of Dawn: (Caerdwicca, Furmenglaive, Kendach, Meridiona, Northern Territories of Dawn, Redstone, Septentriona, West Portage, and Westrourke), North (arguably Oceansend), Southeast (Pearl Islands, Ochalea), and South (Davanian Hinterlands).

In addition to the miltary and ruling elite, Thyatians are well known for their civil service, love of gladiatorial sports, devotion to immortals, and their codified rights of citizens. Less fortunate are Thyatis’ many slaves.

In the last 30 years, a protectorate of Thyatis has been ‘split off’ from the empire by an enterprising Grand Duke to form the Grand Duchy of Karameikos

Naturally Thyatians speak the Thyatian Language, a lingua franca for the southwestern part of the continent of Brun, the ‘Known World’, although some of its further territories speak a local native tongue


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