Traladaran Feast Days

Church of Traladara

The Day of Straw Men (1 Klarmont)
Traladarans carry around a straw doll all day, whispering their sins from the past year to it. Then at nightfall, a huge bonfire’s built and the dolls are thrown on it, burning away all the sins.

Days of Darkness (26 – 28 Klarmont)
Faithful observe Halav’s ultimate sacrifice for the Traldar people these three days. It is considered ill form (and very bad luck) for Traladarans to celebrate Halav’s victory against the Beastmen on 1 Felmont without having gone to Church to “mourn” his necessary sacrifice first

The Night of Fire (28 Klarmont)
The origins of this festival had been lost along with many other relics of early Traldar culture during the Dark Age, but survived nevertheless into present-day Karameikos. Every year, on this, the last day of Klarmont, Traladarans from all walks of life spend the night outside, under the stars. With only the thinnest sliver of the waning moon providing light, they wait with anticipation, for it is said that on this night treasure hordes, dating from perhaps as far back as the reign of Halav himself, would suddenly reveal themselves, marked by tongues of flickering fire.

Beasts’ Day (1 Felmont)
The battle between Halav and the Beast-King, and the end of the gnoll invasion, is observed. In Specularum, a large parade of celebrants, including charmed magical beasts, takes place before a grand celebratory Church ceremony. This marks the beginning of the official Church calendar year. Beasts’ Day is the only Traladaran holy day recognised by the Karameikan and Thyatian governments (it’s just too big to ignore). In the Traladaran church this is the feast of Halav, Petra and Zirchev.

Feast of the Three Stars (15 Felmont)
Traladarans celebrate the ascendance of Halav, Petra, and Zirchev to Immortality. As legend has it, three new stars appeared in the evening sky, close together, in the weeks following the defeat of the Beastmen, representing the new Powers. On this night each year, children eat star-shaped cakes and gaze up into the heavens to see if the Immortals will “wink” at them for good fortune.

Feast of Tidings (15 Ambyrmont)
The faithful observe the meeting of Halav and Zirchev, the magic-trained huntsman who comes from the north with ill news of Beastmen, massing for war. Traladarans honour Zirchev’s loyal service to Halav by honouring magic (including hedge-magic and folk-magic) and magic-users this day. Traladaran mages also traditionally give a gift to the leader of their host town or village.

Queen’s Day (28 Sviftmont)
This holy day marks the day Queen Petra of Krakatos allied herself with the warrior Halav and his adviser, Zirchev, in preparing for the coming war. On this day, Petra is honoured in all her aspects, from Maiden of the Hearth, to Mother of the Traladarans, to Warrior Queen, to lover of Halav, to Wise Matriarch. Festivities range from solemn processions carrying images of Petra to grand feasts. Women are honoured this day by not having any domestic duties from dawn till dusk.

Day of the Dark Champion (15 Kaldmont)
This day observes the dark necessity of Halav in slaying the King of Lavv, who disbelieved the Trio’s warnings of the invasion. No bells are rung, and faithful gather in church for solemn ritual. Church fathers preach on Halav’s desperate choice: the death of one man, his King, or the deaths of all unprepared Traladarans in the coming invasion. In recent years, radical Traladarans on this day have taken to fomenting unrest with speeches of the “necessary” removal of the Thyatian-controlled government…by force, if necessary.

Traladaran Feast Days

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