Water Elves

The water elves (Alfasser) of Minrothad have formed a more distinctive sub-culture than their Forest elf brethren, and are recognized as a group separate from the mainstream elvish race. In this regard, they are similar to the shadowelves of the Broken Lands, to whom they bear a physical resemblance that many elves find unsettling.

Appearance: Water elves are towedheaded or have light blond hair that bleaches almost white in the sun. Their eyes are blue-gray and their complexions are pale in spite of constant exposure to weather and sun. They have a faint resemblance to the Alfheim elves, but look even more like shadowelves because of their coloration.

Behavior: A water elf s first love is the sea. He is fascinated by its ever-changing moods and excited by the challenges it constantly presents to the seafarer. His curiousity is piqued by its watery mysteries; a water elf loves to travel on the ocean and learn about the creatures in it, and often masters magic which deals specifically with the sea and the weather.

Water elves were the first inhabitants of the Minrothad Isles to explore the local waters thoroughly. They were the first to develop moveable rigging on sailing craft so that a vessel could sail close to the wind and maneuver with ease. They continue to innovate and improve their sailing vessels, giving the merchant fleet of the Minrothad Guilds its justly-deserved reputation as the finest and swiftest in the known world.

This avid interest in the ocean and ways to travel upon it have made the water elves one of the driving forces of the Minrothad Guilds. It was their seafaring knowledge and wanderlust combined with the human interest in trade that enabled the Minrothad Guilds to expand and dominate sea-going commerce.

Always anxious to travel, water elves are excited by new sights, new lands, and new prospects for trade. They are happy to arrive at a destination, and are equally happy to leave it for some place new, providing the traveling is done by sea or river. More than half of the Minrothad traders encountered in continental ports are water elves, as are many of the merchant-prince ship captains, but these elves do not care to be factors or guild representatives permanently posted in a foreign city.

Guild and Clan:
Water elves are members of one of the clans of Guild Elsan, named for a family of leading water elves. The guild deals with things pertaining to ships and seafaring. Water elf names, like those of the wood elves, do not sound particularly elvish, but they do not follow the general Minrothad custom of describing a craft. Leading water elf clans are Clan Kelar and Clan Manre. Other clan names can be seen in the guild organization chart.

Minrothad Guild Elsan is mostly comprised of water elves. It has complete control over all services and products dealing with ship building, navigation, fishing, and working with raw materials gleaned from the sea (sea vegetation, sea shells, and so on).

Master Shipwright: This master craftsman is in charge of the construction, maintenance, and repair of all Minrothad sailing vessels and boats. He has three head craftsmen under him. The head keelmaker has charge of all ship-building steps except for mast- and tackle-related procedures. The head mastmaker is in charge of all mast and yardarm construction. The head tacklemaker is in charge of construction of blocks and tackle.

Master Varnishmaker: This master craftsman oversees the manufacture and application of pitch, sealants, varnish, and paint to the Minrothaddan ships and boats. He is also in charge of barnacle removal and hull cleaning.

Master Fisherman: This master craftsman is in charge of the construction of all fishing devices, instruction in the techniques of fishing, and the Minrothad ishing fleet. He has two head craftsmen under him. The first is the head netmaker, who is in charge of net construction, maintenance, and repair and all net fishing done in Minrothad waters. The second is the head harpooner, who is in charge of the construction of harpoons and all harpoon fishing performed by Minrothad vessels.

Master Sailor: This master craftsman supervises the instruction of sailing techniques and the compilation of sailing knowledge from other countries. His duties also include the overseeing of miscellaneous sailing and navigational devices. He is assisted by two head craftsmen. The head pilot teaches navigation; the head rigger teaches rigging and sailmaking and oversees these items on all Minrothaddan ships. These craftsmen work very closely with the Merchant Sailors Guild.

Master Shellworker: The title of this position dates back to the days when water elves worked mostly shells for armor and weapons. Today the phrase encompasses the manufacturing of anything made from materials brought out of the sea. Sea materials are used a lot in Minrothad and many art pieces are now being made by Guild Elsan for the export market. The master shellworker is assisted by two head craftsmen. The first is the head large shellworker who overseas work done on large, bulky items (such as sea shell armor); the second is the head small shellworker who is mainly in charge of the production of art pieces.

Religion: Elendaen

Attributes: Water elf

Ability Score Adjustments: Water elves are sure footed and lithe. They receive a +1 to Dexterity. However, they are known wanderers and not particularly patient. They have a penalty of –1 to Wisdom.

TABLE Water elf Ability Scores

Ability Minimum Maximum
Strength 8 18/50
Intelligence 6 18
Wisdom 3 17
Dexterity 7 19
Constitution 5 18
Charisma 3 18

Bonus: Minrothaddan, Water elven, Common,
Recommended: Makai, Alphatian, Dwarven, Ochalean
Reactions: Water elves gain poor reactions from elves with traditional lifestyles. A -3 penalty to reaction on first meeting arises on interections with Gray, Sylvan, Wood, Sheyallia, or Aquatic elves.
They are on friendly terms (+1 bonus) with their fellow Minrothaddan Forest elves, and have neutral reactions with most Savage Coast and Belcadiz elves.

Special Abilities
In addition to standard elvish infravision (60’) and resistance to sleep and charm spells, water elves have some special abilities which set them apart them from other races of elves.

Direction Sense. A water elf has a 75 percent chance of correctly sensing compass directions at all times. This innate sense works only outdoors, not underground, but is extremely useful on overcast days or during fogs and darkness at sea. It can be used once per day.

Navigation Sense. Similar to direction sense, this enables a water elf to know in what direction a destination lies in relation to his current position, providing he has been to that place at least once before. This ability is accurate 75 percent of the time. It can be used once per destination.

For this reason it is said that once a water elf has been to a port, he can always find his way back again.

Water elves gain +3 to saves/rolls regarding maintaining their balance on a ship.
Water elves are +1 to hit with crossbows

Bonus: Swimming, Seamanship, Boat Sailing,
Recommended: Artistic Ability(Shellworking), Astronomy, Bargain, Boatwright, Carpentry, Deep Diving, Fishing, Haggling, Harpooning, Naval Combat, Rope use, Piloting, Seamstress/Tailor, Weather sense

Special Disadvantages:
Water elves following the The Ocean Path, Elendaen must adhere to the garment types as per the religion.
All other Water elves are restricted to Armour types that they can swim in i.e non bulky or heavy armours. Chain shirts(AC 6), Elven chain at maximum.
Water elves have no bonuses to hit with swords nor normal bows.
Water elves have no skills with secret doors or compartments.
Water elves must spend half of their NWPs on the recommended proficiencies for their race.
Minrothadders without a religion do not get days off work, except the final 5 day week of the year.

Water Elves

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