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Weapon Proficiency Options
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A character must have a Proficiency with a weapon to use it normally. To become proficient, the character “spends” one of the Weapon Proficiency Slots he has on that weapon. Each slot can buy proficiency with one weapon. If he uses a weapon he’s not proficient in, he suffers an attack penalty: –2 for weapons which are completely unfamiliar, or –1 for weapons that share a group with those for which he already has proficiency. (That penalty is worse for non-Warriors.)

Class Group Non-proficient Familiar
Warrior –2 –1
Wizard –5 –3
Priest –3 –2
Rogue –3 –2
Psionicist –4 –2
Nonclassed NPCs –4 –2

Group Proficiency
Many weapons are very similar in construction and techniques of use; for example, using a bastard sword with one hand is not too much different from using a long sword. Both weapons are heavy, two-edged blades that rely on slashing or chopping strokes to cut through armor. All weapons are categorized in tight groups, which are further organized into broad groups. The particular group a weapon belongs to is noted under the weapon characteristics in the second half of the page

Tight groups serve two functions in game play. First of all, all weapons in a tight group are considered to be related to each other. A character who is proficient in one weapon belonging to a tight group is automatically familiar with the other weapons of that tight group and has a reduced penalty for non-proficiency when using them.

Second, characters can learn to use all weapons in a tight group with a weapon group proficiency. Weapon group proficiencies cost two slots, but may include a number of weapons. For example, a character could use a weapon group proficiency to gain proficiency in crossbows; by spending two slots, he actually gains proficiency in four different weapons.

Some tight weapon groups are further organized into broad groups. For example, the tight groups of Axes, Picks, Clubbing Weapons are all part of the Cleaving/Crushing Weapons broad group. Proficiency in all of the weapons of a broad weapon group can be learned for three proficiency slots.

A full list of available weapon groups can be found in the second half of this page.

Although it is possible to become proficient in an entire group of weapons, this doesn’t mean a character can specialize in an entire group of weapons.

As before, each weapon specialization costs one Weapon Proficiency Slot in a weapon the character is already proficient in. A character can’t pay two points to be proficient in the Fencing Blades group and then another two to specialize in the same group: He’d have to take one-slot Specializations individually for Dagger, Stiletto, Main-gauche, Rapier, and Sabre.

Let’s say a character wants to know how to use every type of blade ever made…but he wants to be especially good with the Long Sword. As a first-level Warrior, he receives four Weapon Proficiency Slots to start with. He spends three to take Proficiency with the entire Blades broad group, and spends his fourth to specialize in Long Sword. He has his wish: He can pick up and use any blade weapon without penalty, but is particularly adept with the Long Sword.

Tight Weapon Groups (2 slots)
Weapons that appear above, but do not appear on one of these lists must be learned individually.
Axes: Battleaxe, Celt, Cording Mallet, Forearm Axe, Handaxe, Hatchet, Iceaxe, Two-handed Axe, Woodsman’s Axe
Bows: Elven Bow, Folding Bow, Longbow, Pellet Bow, Shortbow (including composite varieties)
Blowguns: Blowgun, Fukimi Bari, Needles
Chains: Chain, Kau Sin Ke, Kusari-gama, Manriki-gusari
Close-Combat Weapons: Bladeboots, Body Spikes, Cestus, Elbow Spike, Forearm Axe, Gaff Hook, Glove Nail, Greyclaws, Head Spike, Katar, Kick-slasher, Knee Spike, Nekode, Punch-cutter
Clubbing Weapons: Belaying Pin, Bladeback Mace, Branding Iron, Claw Hammer, Club, Elephant Goad, Footman’s Mace, Great Club, Hanbo, Horseman’s Mace, Jitte, Jo Stick, Kiseru, Mallet, Maul, Morningstar, Sap, Shovel, Sledge, Smith’s Hammer, Spiked Club, Stone-setting Hammer, Tonfa, Throwing Club, War Hammer
Crossbows: Cho-ku-no, Doublebow, Hand Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow, Light Crossbow
Curved Blades: Cutlass, Falchion, Great Scimitar, Jambiya, Kama, Khopesh, Sabre, Scimitar, Sickle
Darts: Barbed Dart, Dart, Shuriken, Uchi-ne
Fencing Blades: Dagger, Main Gauche, Parrying Dagger, Rapier, Sabre, Stiletto, Sword Stick
Flails: Bladeback Flail, Chain Flail, Flindbar, Footman’s Flail, Grain Flail, Horseman’s Flail, Kyogetsu-shogi, Nunchaku, Three-section Staff, Winnowing Flail
Lances: Flight Lance, Heavy Lance, Jousting Lance, Light Lance, Medium Lance
Long Blades: Bastard Sword, Bokken, Claymore, Katana, Long Sword, Scimitar, Tetsu-to, Two-handed Sword
Mancatchers: Mancatcher, Sode Garami
Medium Blades: Broadsword, Cutlass, Finhead Sword, Iuak, Khopesh, Machete, Ninja-to, Parang, Wakizashi
Picks: Augur, Awl, Fang, Footman’s Pick, Horseman’s Pick, Iceaxe, Ice Pick, Meat Hook, Miner’s Pick, Weeding Claw
Pole-axes: Bardiche, Bec de corbin, Bill, Bill-guisarme, Fauchard, Fauchard-fork, Glaive, Glaive-guisarme, Guisarme, Guisarme-voulge, Halberd, Hoe, Hook Fauchard, Kumade, Lajatang, Lucern Hammer, Nagimaki, Naginata, Partisan, Voulge, Weeding Rake
Short Blades: Augur, Awl, Bridle Cutter, Climbing Dagger, Dagger, Death Knife, Drusus, Gut Hook, Jambiya, Katar, Knife, Main-gauche, Parrying Dagger, Razor, Sai, Shortsword, Siangham, Stiletto, Yoroi-toshi
Slings: Sling, Staff Sling, Stick Sling, String Sling
Spears: Angon, Artengak, Awl Pike, Chijiriki, Elephant Goad, Flight Lance, Goblin Stick, Harpoon, Javelin, Longspear, Military Fork, Pitchfork, Ranseur, Sang Kaw, Shakujo Yari, Snuffing Bell, Spear, Spetum, Trident, Uchi-ne
Staves: Bo Stick, Hanbo, Hornhead Staff, Jo Stick, Quarterstaff, Shepherd’s Crook, Tetsubo
Whips: Riding Crop, Scourge, Whip

Broad Weapon Groups (3 slots)
Weapons that appear above, but do not appear on one of these lists must be learned individually.
Blades: Bastard Sword, Bokken, Bridle Cutter, Broadsword, Claymore, Climbing Dagger, Cutlass, Dagger, Death Knife, Drusus, Falchion, Finhead Sword, Great Scimitar, Gut Hook, Iuak, Jambiya, Kama, Katana, Katar, Khopesh, Knife, Longsword, Machete, Main-Gauche, Ninja-to, Parang, Parrying Dagger, Rapier, Razor, Sabre, Sai, Scimitar, Shortsword, Siangham, Sickle, Stiletto, Sword Stick, Tetsu-to, Two-handed Sword, Wakizashi, Yoroi-toshi
Cleaving/Crushing Weapons: Battle Axe, Belaying Pin, Bladeback Mace, Bo Stick, Branding Iron, Celt, Claw Hammer, Club, Cording Mallet, Fang, Footman’s Mace, Footman’s Pick, Forearm Axe, Great Club, Hanbo, Hand/Throwing Axe, Hatchet, Horseman’s Mace, Horseman’s Pick, Ice Pick, Iceaxe, Jitte, Jo Stick, Kiseru, Mallet, Maul, Miner’s Pick, Morningstar, Sap, Sledge, Smith’s Hammer, Spiked Club, Stone-setting Hammer, Tetsubo, Throwing Club, Tonfa, Two-handed Axe, War Hammer, Weeding Claw, Woodsman’s Axe
Pole Weapons: Angon, Artengak, Awl pike, Bardiche , Bec de corbin , Bill, Bill-guisarme , Chijiriki, Fauchard , Fauchard-fork , Flight Lance, Glaive, Glaive-guisarme, Goad, Elephant, Goblin Stick, Guisarme , Guisarme-voulge , Halberd , Harpoon, Hoe, Hook fauchard , Javelin, Kumade, Lajatang, Longspear, Lucern Hammer, Military Fork, Nagimaki, Naginata, Partisan, Pitchfork, Quarterstaff, Ranseur, Ritiik, Sang Kaw, Scythe, Shakujo Yari, Shepherd’s Crook, Shovel, Snuffing Bellt, Spear, Spetum
Rope and Chain Weapons: Bladeback Flail, Chain, Chain Flail, Flindbar, Footman’s Flail, Garotte, Grain Flail, Horseman’s Flail, Kau Sin Ke, Kawanaga, Kusari-gama, Kyogetsu-shogi, Lasso, Manriki-gusari, Nunchaku, Riding Crop, Scourge, Three-Section Staff, Whip, Winnowing Flail
Small Throwing Weapons: Atlatl, Barbed Dart, Bolas, Boomerang, Dagger, Dart, Knife, Nage Teppo, Shuriken, Stiletto, Throwing Axe, Throwing Club, Uchi-n

Weapon Proficiency Options

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